Officers of the Institute

December 1908
President.Rear-Admiral CASPAR F. GOODRICH, U. S. Navy. Vice-President.Captain C. J. BADGER, U. S. Navy. Secretary and Treasurer.Professor P. R. ALGER, U. S. Navy. Board of Control.Captain ...

Gas vs. Steam for Marine Motive Power

Captain A. B. Willits
December 1908
The tremendous strides made in recent years in the development and application of the gas engine and producer to power plants on shore, both in this country and abroad, and ...

The Present Phase of the Personnel Question

Commander Roy C. Smith
December 1908
The immediate issues involved in this question have been greatly confused by discussions of theoretical or normal conditions, which, owing to a variety of causes, have no actual existence at ...

A Fair Basis for Competition in Battle Practice

Captain Bradley A. Fiske
December 1908
There are two reasons for having competition in target practice. One reason is that competition produces emulation and thereby increases skill; and the other reason is that the results obtained ...

A Curious Fact About Spotting

By Captain Bradley A. Fiske, U. S. Navy.
December 1908
If an observer be 100 feet above the water, and the sea have waves as high on the average as 10 feet from trough to crest, or 5 feet above ...


December 1908
The Summary Court-Martial Past, Present and Future. COMMANDER C. A. GOVE, U. S. NAVY. I am in complete accord with the writer relative to the abolishment of so much red ...

Professional Notes

December 1908
SHIPS OF WAR, BUDGETS AND PERSONNEL. AUSTRIA. VESSELS BUILDING. Name Displacement Where Building Remarks Battleships Radetsky 14,500 Trieste Building Zrinyi 14,500 Trieste Building Erzherzog Franz-Ferdinand 14,500 Trieste Launched Sept. 30, ...

Book Notices

December 1908
This complete issue of Proceedings is provided for your use in its original format only at this time. The editorial team is currently reviewing the text version for possible errors ...

Special Notice

December 1908
NAVAL INSTITUTE PRIZE ESSAY, 1909.A prize of two hundred dollars, with a gold medal, and a life-membership in the Institute, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay ...


December 1908
NOTICE.The U. S. Naval Institute was established in 1873, having for its object the advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in the Navy. It now enters upon its thirty-fourth ...

List of Prize Essays

December 1908
1879.Naval Education. Prize Essay, 1879. By Lieut.-Com. A. D. Brown, U.S.N.Naval Education. First Honorable Mention. By Lieut.-Com. C. F. Goodrich, U.S.N.Naval Education. Second Honorable Mention. By Commander A. T. ...


December 1908
PUBLISHED BY THE U. S. NAVAL INSTITUTE.Proceedings of the U. S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, Maryland.Published March, June, September, and December of each year. Annual subscription to the PROCEEDINGS for non-members, ...

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