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In an article recently published by the Naval Institute I had the honor of laying before my colleagues of the service a few reflections looking towards the increased contentment of...



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  • Aids to Contentment, A Home for the Fleet
    By Rear-Admiral C. F. Goodrich, U. S. Navy

    In an article recently published by the Naval Institute I had the honor of laying before my colleagues of the service a few reflections looking towards the increased contentment of the enlisted man. In a general way, my studies of...

  • The Value of Speed in Tactics and Strategy
    By Lieutenant A. C. Dewar, R.N.

    INTRODUCTORY NOTE.—These two short articles by Lieut. A.C. Dewar, R.N., a prize medalist of the Royal United Service Institution, are e- printed not only because of their intrinsic merit, but particularly because they treat of subjects in...

  • Lieutenant Dewar's Papers on "Speed in Naval Tactics" and "Speed in Battleship Strategy"
    By Commander A. P. Niblack, U.S. Navy

    Lieutenant Dewar's contributions are altogether good. What they may lack in literary form they make up in substance. At best the total output on the subject of naval tactics, when boiled down to form a text-book for students, consists of a...

  • The Court-Martial of Commodore David Porter
    By Lieut.-Commander Edward L. Beach, U.S. Navy

    David Porter is remembered by all Americans as the naval officer who, in command of the United States Frigate Essex, in the War of 1812,was overwhelmed, defeated, and captured by two British frigates in a harbor of a neutral country, Chili. But...

  • The Realities of Battle: Weakness, Heroisms, Panics
    By General Daudignac of the French Army, Translation by Lieut.-Col. W. W. Gilbert, U.S. Army

    (Reprinted from the Journal of the United States Infantry Association.)

    * From the Bulletin de la Presse et de la Bibliographie Militaires, (Bruxelles).

    general features of operations,to sometimes descend to the movements of small...

  • Naval Administration, 1842-1861
    By Charles Oscar Paullin



  • Torpedo and Mine Effects in the Russo-Japanese War
    Translated by Philip R. Alger


    On February 8 there were 23 Whitehead torpedoes fired, of which only three made hits.

  • A "Useful Table" for Tactical Evolutions and for Other Purposes
    By Lieut.-Commander Geo. Wood Logan, U.S. Navy

    The accompanying table is prepared with a view to enabling a vessel engaged in a tactical evolution by the oblique method* to determine quickly her flank distance at any point in the evolution. Incidentally, its use maybe extended to afford quick...

  • Star-Finding Diagram
    By Lieut.-Commander Armistead Rust, U. S. Navy

    This diagram has been prepared to simplify the method for the identification of stars described in No. 123 of the U. S. NAVAL INSTITUTE and shows the relation

    Sin t cos d= sin Z cos h;

    from which the declination is found after...

  • Some Remarks on Rear-Admiral Goodrich's Article, "Aids to Contentment in the Navy"
    By Lieut.-Commander A. B. Hoff, U.S. Navy

    Having just finished three years with the modern sailor-man under modern conditions, I am tempted into what may well seem a presumption, namely, a desire to add a few remarks to Admiral Goodrich's article on "Aids to Contentment in the...

  • The Annual Meeting of the Institute

    U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY, ANNAPOLIS, MD., Oct. 11, 1907.

    The annual meeting of the U. S. Naval Institute, held on the above date, was called to order by Captain Chas. J. Badger, U. S. Navy.

    Twenty-four members were present.

  • Discussion

    A Simplified Method of Finding the Equation of Equal

    (SEE No. 123.)

  • Professional Notes
    Prepared by Professor Philip R. Alger, U. S. Navy





  • Book Notices

    “The Annapolis Plebe," by Lieut.-Commander Edward L. Beach, U.S.N. Published by the Penn Publishing Co., 923 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

    Lieutenant-Commander Beach's book, entitled "An Annapolis Plebe," gives to...

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  • Officers of the Institute


    Rear-Admiral CASPAR F. GOODRICH, U. S. Navy.



  • List of Prize Essays


    Naval Education. Prize Essay, 1879. By Lieut.-Com. A. D. Brown, U.S.N.

    Naval Education. First Honorable Mention. By Lieut.-Com. C. F. Goodrich, U.S.N.

    Naval Education. Second Honorable...

  • Special Notice


    A prize of two hundred dollars, with a gold medal, and a life-membership in the Institute, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented on any subject...

  • Books


    Electrical Installations of the United States Navy (1907).

    By Commander Burns T. Walling, U. S. Navy, and Julius Martin, E. E., Master Electrician of the Equipment Department, Navy Yard, New...

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