The Horizometer

By Bradley Fiske
July 1906
This is an instrument of my invention by which the distance of an object at sea can be measured by measuring the angle of depression of its water-line below a ...

A Further Argument for the Big Ship

By Captain Richard Wainwright, U. S. Navy
July 1906
After reading Captain Mahan's "Reflections, Historic and Other, suggested by the Battle of the Sea of Japan," No. 118 PROCEEDINGS, I have felt impelled to say one word more for ...

A Powerful Navy Not Dangerous to Civil Liberty

By Rear-Admiral S. B. Luce, U. S. Navy
July 1906
When the Congress of Paris of 1856 issued the famous declaration which abolished privateering, all the maritime countries of Europe, great and small, hastened to express their intention of adhering ...

Two Pictures of Nelson's Time

By Gilbert Totten McMaster, M. D.
July 1906
The portrait of Nelson is from a steel frontispiece in "The Life of Nelson by Robert Southey," Vol. I, 16mo, published in New York by Eastburn, Kirk & Co., at ...

The Ship's Store and Its Possibilities

By Paymaster George P. Dyer, U. S. Navy
July 1906
In discussing the general mess we had to do with an organization regularly created and fitted to ship life through law and regulation. It needs only the development of detail ...

The Study of Battle Tactics of the Squadron

By Commander W. R. Rush, U. S. Navy
July 1906
I.On the deck of a battleship the other day, an officer was overheard to criticise unfavorably the mechanism of the breech closing apparatus of a small gun. One turned to ...


July 1906
For the Broader Study of Tactics.(See No. 118.)Captain A. C. Dillingham, U. S. Navy.—In the plea of Rear-Admiral Goodrich for a broader study of tactics, he has the sympathy ...

Professional Notes

Prepared by Professor Philip R. Alger, U. S. Navy
July 1906
AUSTRIA. VESSELS BUILDING. Name. Displacement. Where Building. Remarks. Battleships, Erzherzog Friedrich 10,600 Trieste. Under trial. Erzherzog Ferdinand-Max. 10,600 " Building. The budget of the Austro-Hungarian Navy for the present year ...

Book Notices

July 1906
"Organization and Tactics," 7th Edition, 1906, by the late Colonel Arthur L Wagner, General Staff, revised by Captain Malin Craig, 1st Cavalry; Captain Herbert J. Brees, 1st Cavalry, and First-Lieutenant ...

List of Prize Essays

July 1906
1879.Naval Education. Prize Essay, 1879. By Lieut.-Com. A. D. Brown, U.S.N.Naval Education. First Honorable Mention. By Lieut.-Com. C. F. Goodrich, U.S.N.Naval Education. Second Honorable Mention. By Commander A. T. ...


July 1906
NOTICE.The U. S. Naval Institute was established in 1873, having for its object the advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in the Navy. It now enters upon its thirty-third ...

Officers of the Institute

July 1906
President.Rear-Admiral CASPAR F. GOODRICH, U. S. Navy. Vice-President.Rear-Admiral JAMES H. SANDS, U. S. Navy. Secretary and Treasurer.Professor P. R. ALGER, U. S. Navy. Board of Control.Captain ...

Special Notice

July 1906
NAVAL INSTITUTE PRIZE ESSAY, 1907.A prize of two hundred dollars, with a gold medal, and a life-membership in the Institute, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay ...

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