Proceedings Magazine - 1905 Vol. 31/3/115

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In the discussions on the Prize Essay for this year, some officers held that the writer went too far in advocating very large battleships. Others held that he went too far in advocating high speed...



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  • Compromiseless Ships
    By Commander Bradley A. Fiske, U. S. Navy

    In the discussions on the Prize Essay for this year, some officers held that the writer went too far in advocating very large battleships. Others held that he went too far in advocating high speed. Both parties pointed out that, in every ship,...

  • Commodore Biddle's Visit to Japan in 1846
    By Rear-Admiral S. B. Luce, U. S. Navy

    The influence of the West upon the ancient civilization of Japan, and the phenomenal progress made by that country toward becoming a formidable naval power, furnishes one of the most remarkable epochs of modern times.

  • Draft of a Bill for Increasing the Commissioned Personnel of the Line of the Navy, Establishing a Commensurate Engineering Branch, and Promoting the Efficiency of the Navy
    By Lieutenant-Commander John Hood, U. S. Navy

    Be it enacted, etc., etc.—

  • The Naval Academy Miniature of John Paul Jones
    By Prof. Philip R. Alger, U. S. Navy

    The portrait of John Paul Jones which forms the frontispiece of this number of the PROCEEDINGS is a reproduction of a miniature now at the Naval Academy. This miniature, painted on ivory, is enclosed between oval glasses held in a narrow gold rim...

  • An Aid to Systematic Firing of Marine Boilers
    By Lieut. H. E. Lackey, U.S.N.

    In these days of water-tube boilers, with their rapid steaming qualities and their small steam spaces, as compared with the cylindrical boilers, coal economy and efficiency are greatly augmented by, if not due entirely to, systematic firing....

  • A Personal Error in Estimating the Direction of Sound
    By Captain Seaton Schroeder, U.S.N.

    From a seemingly frivolous incident, a few months ago, I was compelled to recognize the existence of a personal equation in attempting to determine the direction of the source of a sound; and I was able to determine with fair approximation the...

  • William Chauvenet and the United States Naval Academy
    By G.W. Littlehales

    William Chauvenet is chiefly known to the present generation as a mathematician and theoretical astronomer and as an author of mathematical text books of the highest order of excellence. None but those who saw and understood the beginning of the...

  • The Battle of the Sea of Japan
    Translated by Professor P.R. Alger, U.S. Navy

    Being the first official telegraphic reports of Admiral Togo, General Linievitch, Admiral Enquist, and Admiral Rodjestvenski, as published in the "Moniteur de la Flotte" and the "Revue du Cercle Militaire," and now translated...

  • The Administration of the Continental Navy of the American Revolution
    By Charles Oscar Paullin, Author of the "Navy Of The American Revolution"

    The history of the Continental navy covers a period of ten years extending from 1775 to 1785. During this time various organs of naval administration were employed by the Continental Congress and its successor, the Congress of the Confederation;...

  • Recoil
    By Professor P.R. Alger, U.S. Navy

    1. Under the action of the powder pressure the gun and its top-carriage acquire a velocity opposite in direction to that of the projectile, and there results a recoil the extent of which depends upon the resistance opposed to it. We will first...

  • Discussion: American Naval Policy


  • Professional Notes
    Prepared by Professor Philip R. Alger, U. S. Navy



  • Book Notices

    "Waterloo—1815." By Henry Houssaye, of the French Academy. Translated by S. R. Willis. Book I. The Last Army of the Empire; The Plans of Campaign; First Combats. Book II. Ligny and Quatre- Bras; Battle of Ligny; Battle of Quatre-...

  • List of Prize Essays


    Naval Education. Prize Essay, 1879. By Lieut.-Com. A. D. Brown, U.S.N.

    Naval Education. First Honorable Mention. By Lieut.-Com. C. F. Goodrich, U.S.N.

    Naval Education. Second...

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  • Officers of the Institute


    Rear-Admiral CASPAR F. GOODRICH, U. S. Navy.



  • Special Notice


    A prize of two hundred dollars, with a gold medal, and a life-membership in the Institute, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented on any subject pertaining to the naval profession...


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