A Handicap on United States Battleships

By Naval Constructor D. W. Taylor, U.S.N.
July 1904
Table I herewith, for which the date, except for the United States battleships, was obtained from Brassey's Naval Annual for 1904, gives some comparative dimensions, etc., of the principal recent ...

Training Ranges and Long Range Firing

By Lieut.-Commander W. S. Sims, U.S.N.
July 1904
While it is true that the principles of gunnery training, long-range firing, and range-finding are well known and have been explained in publications within the past few years, it is ...

A Study of Attacks upon Fortified Harbors

By Lieut.-Comdr. W. L. Rodgers, U.S.N.
July 1904
In making the following study of certain attacks upon fortified harbors it was my object to make an analysis of each campaign, and of them all collectively, in order to ...

Colliers and Coaling Stations

By Lieut.-Com. A. P. Niblack, U.S.N.
July 1904
The question of the distribution and defense of coaling stations is pressing and vital at the present moment, not because the Bureau of Equipment, or the Navy Department itself, is ...

Fire Control

By Lieut. W. S. Turpin, U.S.N.
July 1904
A great deal has been written of late concerning the training necessary to bring the efficiency of the Navy to the highest point. Most of these articles, however, have dealt ...

War and Its Prevention

By Rear-Admiral S. B. Luce, U. S. Navy
July 1904
*Reprinted, by permission, from The North American Review of December, 1891; where it appeared under the misleading caption of: "The Benefits of War."War is one of the great agencies by ...

Discussion: The Fleet and its Personnel

July 1904
See No. 109.Lieut. YATES STIRLING, JR., U. S. Navy.—Lieutenant Fullinwider's essay on "The Fleet and its Personnel," hits a synchronizing cord in every officer of our navy. Every one will ...

Professional Notes

Prepared by Professor Philip R. Alger, U. S. Navy
July 1904
SHIPS OF WAR, BUDGETS, AND PERSONNEL. AUSTRIA. The budget of the Ministry of Marine has been passed, as well as an extraordinary vote of 75,000,000 kronen. In addition to 8 ...

List of Prize Essays

July 1904
1879.Naval Education. Prize Essay, 1879. By Lieut.-Com. A. D. Brown, U.S.N.Naval Education. First Honorable Mention. By Lieut.-Com. C. F. Goodrich, U.S.N.Naval Education. Second Honorable Mention. By Commander A. T. ...


July 1904
NOTICE.The U. S. Naval Institute was established in 1873. having for its object the advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in the Navy. It now enters upon its twenty-eighth ...

Officers of the Institute

July 1904
OFFICERS OF THE INSTITUTE. President. Vice-President.Captain W. H. BROWNSON, U. S. Navy. Secretary and Treasurer.Professor P. R. ALGER, U. S. Navy. Board of Control.Commander CHAS. J. BADGER, ...

Special Notice

July 1904
NAVAL INSTITUTE PRIZE ESSAY, 1904A prize of two hundred dollars, with a gold medal, and a life-membership in the Institute, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay ...

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