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The Fleet and Its Personnel

By Lieut. S. P. Fullinwider, U. S. Navy
January 1904
Prize Essay, January 1, 1904. Motto: Commune bonum. The navy requires the most perfect organization and administration. Sea power has been, and will continue to be, one of the greatest ...

Some Notes on Naval Needs and Requirements

By Lieut. Henry C. Dinger, U. S. N.
January 1904
Our naval needs are many and diverse and are ever being commented upon. Criticisms on present conditions of organization, supply and sufficiency are at hand in every direction, both within ...

Cable Cutting

By Captain C. F. Goodrich, U.S.N.
January 1904
The cutting of submarine cables during war, has for its object the interruption of intelligence and is merely one of the operations incident to breaking the enemy's line of communications, ...

Citizenship and the Protection of Naturalized Citizens Abroad

By Oscar S. Straus, LL. D., Late United States Minister to Turkey; Member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague
January 1904
When the normal relations between nations were those of belligerency, the principle underlying those relations was the predominance of might and self-interest. As this attitude changed and gradually developed with ...

On the Prevention of Infectious Diseases

By Surgeon Henry G. Beyer, U. S. Navy
January 1904
LECTURE I. *Read at the U. S. Naval War College in the Summer of I903. Hygiene has many functions, being defined by various writers, writing at different periods of time, ...

The Movable Base

By Civil Engineer A. C. Cunningham, U. S. Navy
January 1904
The popular conception of a modern navy is an aggregation of fighting vessels varying from the small torpedo boat to the great battle ship. The speed, armament and general efficiency ...

Navigator's Protractor

By Lieutenant Armistead Rust, U. S. N.
January 1904
For Plotting a Ship's Position by the Three-Point Problem. 1. This instrument is intended to take the place of the three-armed protractor or station pointer, when the scale of the ...

Note on Ballistic Tables

By Professor P.R. Alger, U.S. Navy
January 1904
In Ingersoll's Exterior Ballistics it is stated that the values in his Ballistic Tables, which are based on Mayevski's deductions from Krupp experiments, have been reduced to a standard atmospheric ...

Professional Notes

Prepared by Professor Philip R. Alger, U. S. Navy
January 1904
SHIPS OF WAR, BUDGETS, AND PERSONNEL. AUSTRIA. The dimensions of the armored cruiser St. Georg, recently launched at Pola, are as follows: Length, 383 feet 9 inches; breadth, 63 feet ...

Book Notices

January 1904
"Practical Field Exercises in Tactics and Strategy," by Major John P. Wisser, U. S. Army, an up-to-date publication, fills a long-felt want for both students and instructors in military science. ...

Annual Report

January 1904
To THE OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF THE INSTITUTE: Gentlemen:—I have the honor to submit the following report for the year ending December 31, 1903. (The complete tables are available in ...

List of Prize Essays

January 1904
LIST OF PRIZE ESSAYS. 1879. Naval Education. Prize Essay, 1879. By Lieut.-Com. A. D. Brown, U.S.N. Naval Education. First Honorable Mention. By Lieut.-Com. C. F. Goodrich, U.S.N. Naval Education. Second ...


January 1904
NOTICE. The U. S. Naval Institute was established in 1873. having for its object the advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in the Navy. It now enters upon its twenty-eighth ...

Officers of the Institute

January 1904
President. Rear-Admiral H. C. TAYLOR, U. S. Navy. Vice-President. Captain W. H. BROWNSON, U. S. Navy. Secretary and Treasurer. Professor P. R. ALGER, U. S. Navy. Board of Control. Commander ...

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