Our Need of Fighting Ships

By Commander J. B. Murdock, U. S. Navy
April 1901
The first vital point affecting our policy of naval construction is that it should be adapted to the needs of the country. The time long since passed for us to ...

Letter from Captain F. E. Chadwick, U. S. N.

By Captain F. E. Chadwick, U.S. Navy
April 1901
WASHINGTON, D. C., April 11, 1901. Sir:—The Bureau transmits herewith a copy of a letter from Captain F. E. Chadwick, relating to the training of seamen. Captain Chadwick has consented ...


April 1901
Captain Charles D. Sigsbee, U. S. N.— Following the lead of the author of this letter, perhaps I may be permitted to present my warrant for an earnest interest in ...

A Useful Little Change in the Pelorus

By Lieut.-Commander Bradley Fiske, U. S. N.
April 1901
When navigating the Petrel among the little straits and bays and rivers that skirt the coast of Asia, I devised a little change in the Pelorus, that seemed to me ...

Professional Notes

Prepared by Lieutenant L. S. Van Duzer, U. S. Navy
April 1901
SHIPS OF WAR, BUDGETS AND PERSONNEL. AUSTRIA. ARPAD AND BABENBERG.—The other two battleships of the Habsburg Class are to be called the Arpad and Babenberg. DANUBE FLOTILLA.—The present Danube flotilla, ...

Book Notice

April 1901
The "Modern Seamanship" by Lieut. Commander Austin M. Knight, U. S. Navy, and published by D. Van Nostrand Co., New York, will be welcomed most warmly by the naval service ...

Bibliographic Notes

April 1901
[American.] ARMY AND NAVY JOURNAL. April 20, 1901. New Naval Stations. Duties of the Chief of Artillery. Reorganization of the Army. Ordnance Matters. Foreigners in our Navy. Experiences as an ...

Officers of the Institute

April 1901
President. Rear-Admiral WILLIAM T. SAMPSON, U. S. Navy. Vice-President. Commander RICHARD WAINWRIGHT, U. S. Navy. Secretary and Treasurer. Lieutenant E. W. EBERLE, U. S. Navy. Board of Control. Commander C. ...


April 1901
The U. S. Naval Institute was established in 1873, having for its object the advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in the Navy. It now enters upon its twenty-seventh year ...

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