Proceedings Magazine - 1900 Vol. 26/2/94

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One who gives the matter any consideration must be struck by the fact that the effects of high explosives are greatly exaggerated, not only in the popular mind, but almost universally.



  • The Defenses of Manila Bay
    By Lieutenant John M. Ellicott, U.S. Navy

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  • High Explosives in Naval Warfare
    P. R. Alger

    One who gives the matter any consideration must be struck by the fact that the effects of high explosives are greatly exaggerated, not only in the popular mind, but almost universally.

  • The Defenses of Manila Bay
    Lieutenant John M. Ellicott

    Only a few years before our war with Spain, that country was threatened with another war whose theater would have been chiefly her colonial possessions in the Pacific. War with Germany over the Caroline Islands was so imminent that military plans...

  • An Introduction to the Study of Naval Tactics
    Rene de Cartout

    Naval Tactics may be defined as the art of disposing fleets for battle; but it is essential to give to all the terms of that definition the extensive meanings they admit of. The art of disposing fleets for battle is not limited to the formations...

  • Notes on Cuban Ports
    Captain Asa Walker

    Cuba, from its size and situation, may well be considered the most important of the West Indian Islands. Laying aside the question of its wonderful fertility as a matter connected with the peaceful concerns of the inhabitants, it becomes...

  • On the Examination of Navy-Yard Apprentices
    Henry G. Beyer

    The government in providing an examination for applicants for positions as apprentices in the different shops of navy yards secures thereby several important objects and advantages. The mental part of such an examination, when conscientiously and...

  • A Proposed New Method of Scoring Target Practice in the Navy
    By Lieutenant J. B. Blish, U.S. Navy

    This method is based upon the angle of error, which is defined as follows:


    Imagining-(1) a straight line passing through the rear sight of the piece and the center of the target.


    (2) a vertical...

  • Discussion

    Torpedo Craft: Types and Employment

    (Discussion continued from No. 93.)

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    April, 1900. The Use of Hot-wire Shunt Instruments as Alternating Ammeters. Differential Testing with Single-coil Instruments.

    May. Rheostat,...

  • Book Notice

    A CATECHISM OF COURT-MARTIAL DUTY, published by the Hudson-Kimberly Co., should prove its value and usefulness in simplifying the understanding of responsibilities and duties attendant upon court-martial procedure. The forms of subpoena,...

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    Rear-Admiral WILLIAM T. SAMPSON, U. S. Navy.


  • Notice

    The U. S. Naval Institute was established in 1873, having for its object the advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in the Navy. It now enters upon its twenty-seventh year of existence, trusting as heretofore for its...

  • Special Notice.--Naval Institute Prize Essay, 1900


    A prize of one hundred dollars, with a gold medal, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented on any subject pertaining to the...

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