The Coast Signal System

F. B. Anderson
October 1899
The first official recognition of the possibilities of a coast signal service in connection with the United States Navy was taken when the present Secretary of the Navy issued an ...

Electro-Mechanical Battle Order Telegraph

Lieut-Comdr. Seaton Schroeder
October 1899
Dial and Screen. An instrument of the following description is installed at the sending and at each receiving station. They all work in unison, being actuated by the same current; ...

The American Interoceanic Canal

Captain C. H. Stockton
October 1899
The completion of a Ship Canal across the Central American isthmus, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, will undoubtedly mark an epoch in the history of the civilized world. Not ...

Explorations in Alaska

George M. Stoney
October 1899
VIII.—The Notoark River. From the reports of the two expeditions to the Notoark river, my own in December to the upper valley, and Mr. Reed's from below, the following description ...

The Torpedo-Boat, Destroyer, and Depot

Lieut. O. W. Koester
October 1899
Two great points must be considered before we can have an efficient torpedo fleet: (a) efficient boats, (b) efficient personnel. In regard to an efficient fleet, it is at first ...

Notes on the Marconi Wireless Telegraph

Lieut. J. B. Blish
October 1899
Last September Mr. G. Marconi, the inventor of a practical system of wireless telegraph, brought over from England three sets of his apparatus for the use of the New York ...

The New Naval Academy

Ernest Flagg
October 1899
The Naval Academy was founded in 1845 when George Bancroft was Secretary of the Navy, and was then located where it is to-day, at Annapolis, Maryland. Some buildings connected with ...


October 1899
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Professional Notes

October 1899
THE BRITISH ASSOCIATION; MECHANICAL SCIENCE SECTION Address of the President, Sir William White, K. C. B., Sc. D., LL. D., F. R. S. Advantages of Increased Dimensions Before passing on, ...

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