Proceedings Magazine - 1899 Vol. 25/3/91


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  • Watch, Quarter and Station Bills, "An Aid to Executive and Division Officers"
    By Lieutenant Chas. A. Gove, U. S. Navy


  • Official Report of the Battle of Manila Bay
    Admiral Dewey

    No. 240 D.] U. S. Naval Force on Asiatic Station,

    Flagship Olympia, Cavite, Philippine Islands, May 4, 1898.


    Sir:—I have the honor to submit the following report of the operations of the squadron under my command...

  • Explorations in Alaska
    George M. Stoney



    In submitting the following pages the writer disclaims any idea of attempting to write a book. His object is to give, in narrative form, an account of the experiences and...

  • The Sighting of Cervera's Ships
    Lieutenant Victor Blue

    Sunday morning, June 5th, the U.S.S. Suwanee, Lieut.-Comdr Delehanty, joined Admiral Sampson's fleet off Santiago. She had on board arms, ammunition, and supplies which had been taken from the transport Gussie, and which were to be delivered...

  • The Taking of Ilo Ilo
    Lieutenant A. P. Niblack

    With all the hundreds of islands and the numerous mixed and indigenous people in the Philippine and Sulu archipelagoes, the whole question, political, commercial, geographical, and strategical, may be simplified by regarding the Philippines as...

  • The Hygiene of the Navy Ration
    Henry G. Beyer

    In recording some observations on the navy ration which the writer had an opportunity of making during last winter, he desires it to be understood at the outset that this paper is not intended to criticize adversely the present navy ration nor...

  • A Scheme for a French Naval War College
    Count de Treveneuc

    Admission to the War College is to be by competitive examination, open to lieutenants of the senior grade only; examination to be held by a board of naval officers. The course to be two years; the first year studying at Toulon, the second in a...

  • Professional Notes

    Electricity on Board Ships

    By S. Dana Greene


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