Proceedings Magazine - 1898 Vol. 24/4/88

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The entrance to the harbor of Santiago, where ships of any considerable draft can navigate, is scarcely more than one hundred and twenty-five yards wide, in its narrowest places, and in order to...



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  • The Mine Defense of Santiago Harbor
    Lieutenant E. E. Capehart, U. S. Navy

    The entrance to the harbor of Santiago, where ships of any considerable draft can navigate, is scarcely more than one hundred and twenty-five yards wide, in its narrowest places, and in order to render it hazardous for our ships to attempt to...

  • Pyro-Collodion Smokeless Powder - Part II
    Professor D. Mendeléef

    (Translated from the Russian by Lieutenant John B. Bernadou, U.S. N.)

  • Diseases of Electrical Installations in the Navy: Their Causes and Remedies
    Lieutenant B. T. Walling, U. S. N.

    (From lectures delivered before the U. S. Naval War College—Concluded from No. 86.)

    Fig. 31 is a correction to Fig. 17 which inadvertence in transmission is made to represent a C. type engine. Fig. 17 properly represents a B. type...

  • The Secondary Battery
    Lieut. F. K. Hill, U. S. Navy

    During the late war with Spain the writer was on the Iowa and had command of the secondary battery on the upper deck—sixteen 6-pounders and two 4-inch R.F.

    So much has been written, in a popular way, of the merits of secondary...

  • Naval Reserves and Naval Volunteers
    Lieutenant R. C. Smith, U. S. Navy

    To naval readers it is not necessary to expatiate on the experiences of Naval Reserves in the late war. The fleet was largely increased and it was necessary to man it The one-year's men helped out materially, but they were not numerous enough...

  • Views of Admiral Cervera Regarding the Spanish Navy in the Late War
    Richardson Clover, Chief Intelligence Officer


    Under the title "Vindication of the Navy," there appeared in the La Epoca, Madrid, November 5, 1898, this article, which is made up mainly of extracts from letters from Admiral Cervera, written...

  • Comments of Rear-Admiral Plüddemann, German Navy, on the Main Features of the War with Spain
    M. Plüddemann, Rear-Admiral, German Navy


    This able analysis of the main features of the Spanish-American war by M. Plüddemann, Rear-Admiral, German navy, presents in a comprehensive form many of the technical deductions of the late war. He...

  • Professional Notes

    Russian Views of Our War.

    Admiral Makaroff's Views of the Lessons of Santiago.

    Rely on your Guns - Never Sacrifice Artillery to Armor - The Sword Always Mightier than...

  • Publishing Notice

    The next number of the Institute Proceedings, issued the last of March, will contain the following articles:


    By her Commanding...

  • Bibliographic Notes




    November, 1898. Mechanical Draught for Steam Boilers. Compressed Air on Warships. The Distilling Ship Iris for the United States Fleet....

  • Officers of the Institute


    Rear-Admiral WILLIAM T. SAMPSON, U. S. Navy.


    Rear-Admiral F. V. McNAIR, U...

  • Special Notice: Naval Institute Prize Essay, 1899

    A prize of one hundred dollars, with a gold medal, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented on any subject pertaining to the naval profession, subject to the following rules:

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    The U. S. Naval Institute was established in 1873, having for its object the advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in the Navy. It now enters upon its twenty-sixth year of existence, trusting as heretofore for its...


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