Proceedings Magazine - 1898 Vol. 24/1/85


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  • Prize Essay, 1898: Esprit De Corps.—A Tract for the Times
    Captain Caspar Frederick Goodrich, U. S. N.

    Motto: "Non tibi, sed omnibus,"

  • The Development of Smokeless Powder
    Lieutenant John B. Bernadou, U. S. N.

    It was stated in the preceding paper that the ballistic effect produced by a progressive explosive depended directly upon the volume of gas it evolved upon combustion, but was not directly dependent upon the attainment of complete combustion....

  • Honorable Mention, 1898: Our Naval Power
    Lieutenant-Commander Richard Wainwright, U. S. N.

    Motto: What boots it at one gate to make defense,
    And at another to let in the foe?—Milton.

    The Uses of a Navy in Time of War.

  • A General Description of the Whitehead Torpedo
    W. J. Sears, Lieutenant, U. S. Navy

    5 meter, 45 centimeter, Mark I.

    With a brief summary of its preparation, on board ship, for a run.

    Weight of torpedo, ready for discharge (about), 1160 lbs.

    Weight of wet gun-cotton (...

  • Some Practical Notes on Battleships
    Lieutenant E. W. Eberle, U. S. Navy

    From a seaman's practical standpoint, i.e., as seen by "the man behind the gun."

  • Discussion

    Discussion of "Our Naval Power."

  • Professional Notes

    A New Sectional Gun.

  • Book Notice

    All the World’s Fighting Ships, by Fred. T. Jane, published in this country by Little, Brown & Co., of Boston, will probably prove to be a valuable addition to naval literature. The book shows an endless...

  • Bibliographic Notes



    December 18, 1897. Record of the Military Academy. Reports on Small-arms Practice. The Guns of the Future. The New 16-inch Gun.


  • Annual Report of the Secretary and Treasurer of the U. S. Naval Institute

    To the Officers and Members of the Institute:

    Gentlemen:—I have the honor to submit the following report for the year ending December 31, 1897.


    Receipts during Year...

  • Officers of the Institute


    Rear-Admiral S. B. LUCE, U. S. Navy.


    Captain PHILIP H. COOPER, U. S. Navy...

  • Special Notice


    A prize of one hundred dollars, with a gold medal, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented on any subject pertaining to the naval...

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