January 1896
Annapolis, Md., February 12, 1896.Having carefully read the four essays submitted in competition for the prize offered by the U. S. Naval Institute for the year 1896, we have the ...

Speed Control in Modern Steamers

Lieutenant M. L. Wood, U. S. Navy
January 1896
When steam was applied to the propulsion of vessels, the control of the speed was effected by means of verbal orders passed along the deck to the engine-room. The boys ...

A System of Aiming Drill

Ensign Philip Andrews, U. S. Navy
January 1896
Blunt's Rifle and Carbine Firing contains many valuable suggestions and rules for target practice with small arms, among them the following exercise for sighting:"Sight three times at a movable target ...

Naval War College: Closing Address, Session of 1895

Captain H. C. Taylor, U. S. Navy, President of the Naval War Collee
January 1896
Gentlemen:We are now about to close the session of 1895 at the Naval War College. The College has not been long established, and during these, its early years, our sessions ...

Professional Notes

January 1896
SIGHTS FOR ORDNANCE.[ENGINEERING.]During recent years immense advances have been made in the construction of rifled ordnance, and even more markedly in the manufacture of powders for the same ...

Officers of the Institute

January 1896
President.Rear-Admiral S. B. LUCE, U. S. Navy. Vice-President.Captain PHILIP H. COOPER, U. S. Navy. Secretary and Treasurer.[*]Lieutenant H. G. DRESEL, U. S. Navy. Board of Control.[*] Commander EDWIN WHITE, U ...

Bibliographic Notes

January 1896
[American.]JOURNAL OF THE MILITARY SERVICE INSTITUTION.January, 1896. The Campaign against the Sioux in 1876. Supplying Armies in the Field (prize essay). Carbines for the Foot Artillery. The Squad Formation. Light ...

Book Notices

January 1896
The Naval Pocketbook, 1896, by W. Laird Clowes, published by the Tower Publishing Company, Limited, London, is the first issue of a proposed handy annual of facts and figures relating ...

Special Notice

January 1896
NAVAL INSTITUTE PRIZE ESSAY, 1897.A prize of one hundred dollars, with a gold medal, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented on any subject pertaining to ...

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