July 1895
Discussion or further discussion by members on any of the articles of this number will be printed in the next issue of Proceedings. Any such matter should be in the ...

The Battle of the Yalu

Ensign Frank Marble, U. S. Navy
July 1895
The following account of the battle fought between the Chinese and Japanese fleets off the mouth of the Yalu river on September 17, 1894, is based upon the reports printed ...

Pressure of Smokeless Powder Gases in the Bore of Guns

By N. Zaboudski, Colonel, Permanent Member of the Artillery-Committee, Professor in Ordinary at the Michaelovsk Artillery School
July 1895
(Translated from the Russian by Lieut. John B. Bernadou, U. S. N.)1. At the present day smokeless powder is being brought into general use for firing from cannon as ...

The Disappearing Gun Afloat

By Assistant Naval Constructor Richmond Pearson Hobson, U. S. N.
July 1895
The following paper is the substance of a report made last April on a Model with Disappearing Turrets submitted to the Navy- Department by G. W. Van Hoose, Esq.The idea ...

Professional Notes

July 1895
TESTS OF CORN CELLULOSE.[Iron Age, June 20.]The special board appointed by the Secretary of the Navy to test the Marsden American cellulose, manufactured from the pith of corn stalks, in ...

Book Notice

July 1895
NAPOLEON BONAPARTE’S FIRST CAMPAIGN, WITH COMMENTS. By Herbert H. Sargent, First Lieutenant Second Cavalry, United States Army.Lieutenant Sargent makes no apology for presenting anew a much written subject, but, when ...

Bibliographic Notes

July 1895
AMERICAN.ARMY AND NAVY REGISTER.The Infantry Drill Regulations. The Manual of Arms adapted to the Magazine Rifle Caliber .30.To insure uniformity of practice in the manual of arms for the ...

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