Proceedings Magazine - 1895 Vol. 21/1/73

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The writer has long been impressed with the fact that the mode of resistance commonly ascribed to face hardened armor is incorrect. It seems that many have applied...



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  • Face Hardened Armor
    By Lieut. A. A. Ackerman, U. S. Navy


    The writer has long been impressed with the fact that the mode of resistance commonly ascribed to face hardened armor is incorrect. It seems that many have applied to it the theory upon which the development of...

  • The U. S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries and its Relations with the United States Navy
    Commander Z. L. Tanner, U. S. Navy

    In colonial times, and even at a later period, the streams of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts were fully stocked with many species of excellent food fishes which our forefathers firmly believed would furnish to their descendants for all time an...

  • The Howell Torpedo: An Elementary Description
    Lieutenant Alber Gleaves, U. S. Navy


    The Howell torpedo is, in dimensions and general appearance, very similar to the Whitehead. Like the Whitehead it carries a war-head containing the explosive charge of gun-cotton, which is rendered operative automatically...

  • The Solarometer; A Modern Navigating Instrument
    Lieutenant W. H. Beehler, U. S. Navy

    The great progress that has been made in naval architecture and marine steam engineering demands improvement in the instruments for navigating the magnificent products of human ingenuity as exemplified in the modern men-of-war.


  • Elastic Strength of Guns
    By Lieutenant J. H. Glennon, U.S.N.

    Much has been written on the subject of elastic strength of guns in the endeavor to make the subject perfectly clear, with the result that many books on the subject are filled with formulas. Lately the subject has been illustrated with...

  • Professional Notes


    Experiments made by Mr. Colomes, a French inventor, with cellulose applied to holes in the hull, induced the French Government to adopt his device to be used on board its war vessels.

  • Book Notice

    Description et Usage d’un Appareil Élémentaire de Photogrammétrie. Par Le Commandant V. Legros. Paris, 1895.

    Photogrammetry is the science of making photographs in which...

  • Bibliographic Notes



    Volume LXIX., No. i, January, 1895. Water-Tube Boilers and their Application to War Vessels. Aeronautics; Captive Lookout Balloon on...

  • The Capture of Wei-Hai-Wei

    Reliable news in regard to the details of the capture of Wei-Hai-Wei is exceedingly scarce, and even the account of the sinking of Chinese vessels, previous to the surrender, is somewhat mixed.

    The Japanese...

  • Officers of the Institute, 1895

    Elected at the regular annual meeting, held at Annapolis, Md.,

    October 12, 1894.



  • Annual Report of the Secretary and Treasurer of the U. S. Naval Institute

    To the Officers and Members of the Institute:

    Gentlemen:—I have the honor to submit the following report for the year ending December 31, 1894.

    Itemized Cash Statement.

  • Special Notice


    A prize of one hundred dollars, with a gold medal, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented on any subject pertaining to the naval...


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