January 1894
Annapolis, Md., February 14, 1894.Having carefully read the three essays submitted in competition for the prize offered by the U. S. Naval Institute for the year 1894, we have the ...


January 1894
Page 2, second line, “Paixyan” should be “Paixhan.”Page 5, thirteenth line, “20-inch gun” should be “XX-inch gun."Page 6, ninth line from bottom, “most” should be "almost.” Page 8, second line ...

The Johnson Cast Steel Armor-Piercing Shot

Ensign R. D. Tisdale, U. S. N.
January 1894
When men-of-war began to use iron armor, there was required a projectile that could penetrate it. The old spherical, solid shot were very good when used against wooden ships or ...

The Battle of La Placilla

Captain W. S. Muse, U. S. M. C.
January 1894
A description of the Battle of La Placilla, prepared by Lieutenant J.H. Sears and Ensign B.W. Wells, U.S.N., is given in War Series No. IV., issued by the Office of ...

The Ram in Action and in Accident

W. Laird Clowes, United States Naval Institute, Fellow of King's College, London
January 1894
By W. Laird Clowes, United States Naval Institute,* Fellow of King's College, London [By Permission from the Journal of the Royal United Service Institution] I have heard naval ...

Notes on the Literature of Explosives

Charles E. Munroe
January 1894
NOTES ON THE LITERATURE OF EXPLOSIVES* No. XXV. Under the title "Modern Gunpowder Tests," A. Tenner gives in the Amer. Field, 40, 527-530, 552-555, 576-577, 600-601, Dec. 1893, the results ...

Professional Notes

January 1894
NAVAL WAR COLLEGE.SKETCH OF PROPOSED SUMMER COURSE.It is proposed that the governing principle of the Summer Course of 1894 at the Naval War College shall be a Problem of Warfare ...

Book Notices

January 1894
Text-Book of Ordnance and Gunnery, Compiled and Arranged for the use of Cadets at the U. S. Naval Academy. By R. R. Ingersoll, Lieutenant Commander, U. S. Navy. Address U. ...

Bibliographic Notes

January 1894
AMERICAN.AMERICAN ENGINEER AND RAILROAD JOURNAL.Volume LXVIII., No. 3, March, 1894. Battleship Texas.A description of the hull and armament, with three cuts.Apparatus for Rapid Loading of Coal into Ships.April. Turret ...

Officers of the Institute, 1894

January 1894
Elected at the regular annual meeting, held at Annapolis, Md., October 18, 1893. President.Rear-Admiral S. B. LUCE, U. S. N. Vice-President.Commander C. M. CHESTER, U. S. N. Secretary and Treasurer.Lieutenant ...

Special Notice

January 1894
NAVAL INSTITUTE PRIZE ESSAY, 1895.A prize of one hundred dollars, with a gold medal, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented on any subject pertaining to ...

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