Honorary Mention for 1894: Naval Reform

F. M. Bennett, Passed Assistant Engineer, U. S. N.
April 1894
"If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand." After that long-deferred hope which, for so many years, made sick the hearts of our naval officers, and after ...

Consideration on the Battleship in Action

William Laird Clowes, Associate Member
April 1894
By Wm. Laird Clowes, Associate Member*Most of the conditions which must regulate the conduct of the modern battleship in action have yet to be discovered. We have, at present, very ...

Exterritoriality and Asylum

Lieutenant J. H. Gibbons, U. S. N.
April 1894
The instability of governments in the neighboring republics of Central and South America, coupled with the desire of the United States to extend its trade relations with those countries, has ...

The Children of Nelson

April 1894
[By Permission from the New Review]I have read lately a little unpretentious pamphlet of less than one hundred pages, written by a French naval officer who chooses to ...

Ships' Boats

April 1894
SHIPS' BOATS.* The Board on Ships' Boats has the honor to submit the following report of the work to date entrusted to it by the Department in the order dated ...

The Navy and the Nation

Honorable Wm. McAdoo, Assistant Secretary of the Navy
April 1894
Navy Department,Office Assistant Secretary,Washington, June 3, 1894.Lieut. James H. Glennon, Secretary Naval Institute, Annapolis, Md.My Dear Sir:—I am in receipt of your letter asking that the Institute be allowed to ...

Professional Notes

April 1894
RELATIONS BETWEEN THE BAROMETRIC PRESSURE AND THE STRENGTH AND DIRECTION OF OCEAN CURRENTS.By Lieut. W. H. Beehler, U. S. N.[Extract from the papers of the Chicago Meteorological Congress, August, ...

Book Notices

April 1894
The Pratt and Whitney Company Improved Gardner Machine Gun. February, 1894 (for private circulation).The original Gardner Gun was invented in 1874, since which time the Pratt and Whitney Company ...

Bibliographic Notes

April 1894
AMERICAN.AMERICAN ENGINEER AND RAILROAD JOURNAL.January, 1894. Notes on the Machinery of the New Vessels of the United States Navy. Method of Manufacturing Weldless Chains. Armored Cruiser New York. Progress ...

Special Notice

April 1894
NAVAL INSTITUTE PRIZE ESSAY, 1895.A prize of one hundred dollars, with a gold medal, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented on any subject pertaining to ...


April 1894
The U S. Naval Institute was established in 1873, having for its object the advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in the Navy. It now enters upon its twenty-first year ...

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