Proceedings Magazine - 1894 Vol. 20/1/69

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"Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war."—Julius Cesar, Act iii. Sc. i.

The first Naval Board on the pneumatic gun reported it as "a new...



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  • Notice

    Annapolis, Md., February 14, 1894.

    Having carefully read the three essays submitted in competition for the prize offered by the U. S. Naval Institute for the year 1894, we have the honor to announce...

  • Errata

    Page 2, second line, “Paixyan” should be “Paixhan.”

    Page 5, thirteenth line, “20-inch gun” should be “XX-inch gun."

    Page 6, ninth line from bottom...

  • Prize Essay for 1894: The U.S.S. Vesuvius, with Special Reference to Her Pneumatic Battery
    Lieut.-Comdr. Seaton Schroeder, U. S. N.

    "Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war."—Julius Cesar, Act iii. Sc. i.

    The first Naval Board on the pneumatic gun reported it as "a new instrument of warfare, which has its own functions in...

  • The Johnson Cast Steel Armor-Piercing Shot
    Ensign R. D. Tisdale, U. S. N.

    When men-of-war began to use iron armor, there was required a projectile that could penetrate it. The old spherical, solid shot were very good when used against wooden ships or those carrying the primitive armor; but it was soon found that...

  • The Battle of La Placilla
    Captain W. S. Muse, U. S. M. C.

    A description of the Battle of La Placilla, prepared by Lieutenant J.H. Sears and Ensign B.W. Wells, U.S.N., is given in War Series No. IV., issued by the Office of Naval Intelligence. It is, however, unaccompanied by a good map of the...

  • The Ram in Action and in Accident
    W. Laird Clowes, United States Naval Institute, Fellow of King's College, London

    By W. Laird Clowes, United States Naval Institute,* Fellow of King's College, London

    [By Permission from the Journal of the Royal United Service...

  • Notes on the Literature of Explosives
    Charles E. Munroe


    No. XXV.

  • Cleaning the Bottoms of Steel Ships by Divers, when Docking is Impracticable
    Lieutenant-Commander U. Sebree, U. S. N.

    During the year 1891, the U.S.S. Baltimore was not docked for eleven months. For eight months of that time she was in the waters of Chili and Peru. While in Chili, the bottom of the ship was cleaned by divers belonging to the crew of the ship....

  • On Gunshot Injuries Produced by the New Projectile of Small Caliber
    Henry G. Beyer, M. D., Ph. D., Surgeon, U. S. N.

    On Gunshot Injuries Produced by the New Projectile of Small Caliber*

  • Street Riot Drill, Wall Scaling and Sword Exercise, U. S. Navy



  • Professional Notes



    It is proposed that the governing principle of the Summer Course of 1894 at the Naval War College shall be a Problem of...

  • Book Notices

    Text-Book of Ordnance and Gunnery, Compiled and Arranged for the use of Cadets at the U. S. Naval Academy. By R. R. Ingersoll, Lieutenant Commander, U. S. Navy. Address U. S. Naval Institute,...

  • Bibliographic Notes



    Volume LXVIII., No. 3, March, 1894. Battleship Texas.

    A description of the hull and armament, with three cuts.

  • Officers of the Institute, 1894

    Elected at the regular annual meeting, held at Annapolis, Md., October 18, 1893.


    Rear-Admiral S. B. LUCE, U. S. N.

  • Annual Report of the Secretary and Treasurer of the U. S. Naval Institute

    To the Officers and Members of the Institute:

    Gentlemen:—I have the honor to submit the following report for the year ending December 31, 1893.

    Itemized Cash Statement.

  • Special Notice


    A prize of one hundred dollars, with a gold medal, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented on any subject pertaining to the naval...


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