A Loop in the Track of an Ocean Storm

Ensign Everett Hayden
July 1893
A storm-track, as usually shown on weather maps and on the well-known Pilot Chart of the North Atlantic Ocean, published by the U.S. Hydrographic Office, represents the path of the ...

The Krnka-Hebler Tubular Projectiles

July 1893
[Reprinted, from United Service Gazette, August 12, 19 and 26, 1893.]I.Professor Hebler, of Zurich, in a recent number of the Allgetncine Schweizerische Militär-Zeitung, publishes some highly ...

The Buonaccorsi Automobile Torpedo

July 1893
[By permission from the Journal of the Royal I United Service Institution]It is tolerably well known, through various notices which have appeared principally in the daily papers, that a new ...

Professional Notes

July 1893
CALIBER OF THE NEW NAVY RIFLE. On the 3ist of last July, a Board, consisting of Commander G. A. Converse, U. S. Navy, Captain George C. Reid, U. S. Marine ...

Bibliographic Notes

July 1893
AMERICAN.AMERICAN ENGINEER AND RAILROAD JOURNAL.June, 1893. Phillips’ Flying Machine. Manganese Steel. Condensation in Steam Engines. Progress in Flying Machines (continued).July. The Cyclogram of Pressures in Steam Engines. Lubrication of ...

Special Notice

July 1893
NAVAL INSTITUTE PRIZE ESSAY, 1894.A prize of one hundred dollars, with a gold medal, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented on any subject pertaining to ...

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