Proceedings Magazine - 1893 Vol. 19/2/66

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An Address delivered at the Opening of the Annual Session, September 6, 1892



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  • The Practical Character of the Naval War College
    By Captain A.T. Mahan, President of the College

    An Address delivered at the Opening of the Annual Session, September 6, 1892

  • Warships and Naval Warfare
    By Ch. Chubaud-Arnault, French Naval Commander, Retired.

    Translated, by permission, from the Revista Maritima Brazileira,

    By Professor Jules Leroux, U. S. Naval Academy

  • The Van Duzer-Mason Electric Steering Gear
    Ensign Lewis S. Van Duzer

    This apparatus may be fitted either as a steering gear or as a device for controlling a steam engine or other form of motor. As a steering gear it is exceedingly simple. Two reversible motors are placed at opposite ends of a worm shaft. Traveling...

  • The White Straight-Pull Rifle
    First Lieutenant H. K. White

    The larger figure gives a general view of the breech, with details of the magazine and other parts in dotted lines. The clip is entered from above and pushed down into place by the thumb, being caught by the toe on the cut-off, as shown, this...

  • The Effect of Alteration of Propellers on the Speed of Vessels
    J. J. O'Neill

    The efficiency of the propeller is one of the primary and most important factors in steam propulsion, to which a great deal more attention ought to be paid. Too often a vessel goes on trial with screws totally unadapted for the speed intended;...

  • Negative-Reciprocal Equations
    By Commander J. E. Craig, U. S. Navy

    Read before the New York Mathematical Society, June 3, 1893.

    1. There is a type of equations that remain unaltered when x is changed into – 1/X.

    From the character of the roots, and from the relation that such...

  • Professional Notes


    [Journal of the Royal United Service Institution, April, 1893.]

  • Book Notices

    Index to the Literature of Explosives, Part II. By Charles E. Munroe, late Chemist to the Torpedo Corps, U. S. Navy. Deutsch Lithographing and Printing Co., Baltimore, 1893. Subscription price, in paper, $1.00.

  • Bibliographic Notes / Names of Members Who Have Joined Since July, 1892



    Volume III., No. 17, March, 1893. Electricity and Our Coast Defenses. Modern Gas and Oil Engines. The Life and Inventions of Edison...

  • Special Notice


    A prize of one hundred dollars, with a gold medal, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented on any subject pertaining to the naval...

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    The U. S. Naval Institute was established in 1S73, having for its object the advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in the Navy. It now enters upon its twenty-first year of existence, trusting as heretofore for its...


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