The Signal Question Up to Date

Ensign A. P. Niblack
January 1892
In a recent number of the Proceedings the writer made a futile attempt to solve some of the difficulties of the naval signal question, by proposing a system of day, ...

The Statics of Launching

By Assistant Naval Constructor William J. Baxter, U.S. N.
January 1892
Launching is the operation by which a ship is transferred from the building ship into the water, and is performed by causing her to rest on a carriage, the cradle, ...

Notes on the Literature of Explosives

Charles E. Munroe
January 1892
NOTES ON THE LITERATURE OF EXPLOSIVES.By Charles E. Munroe. No. XXIII. The Fifteenth Annual Report of H.M. Inspectors of Explosives, being for the year 1890, shows that though the rigid ...

Professional Notes

January 1892
Drainage System of U.S.S. MontereyBy A.W. Stahl, Assist. Naval Constructor, U.S. NavyThe water-tight subdivision which is a prominent feature of all our new naval vessels involves, as a necessary ...

Book Notices

January 1892
LECTURES ON EXPLOSIVES. Prepared especially as a manual and guide in the laboratory of the U. S. Artillery School, by Willoughby Walke, 1st Lieutenant, 5th Artillery. -Artillery School Press : ...

Bibliographic Notes

January 1892
UNITED SERVICE GAZETTE.DECEMBER 5 AND 12, 1891. The battle of Beaumont. The right of naval officers to resign. Naval notes: The Russian navy; French naval budget for 1892; Trials ...

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