Proceedings Magazine - 1892 Vol. 18/2/62


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    Annapolis, Md., February 20, 1892.

    Having carefully read the three essays submitted in competition for the prize offered by the U. S. Naval Institute for...

  • Prize Essay for 1892: Torpedo-Boats: Their Organization and Conduct
    By William Laird Clowes


    Motto:—"Me, me adsum qui feci. "


  • Cellulose and its Application as a Protection to Vessels
    J. M. Cheneau

    The idea of protecting vessels by means of a very light, self-obturating material was conceived by Admiral Pallu de la Barriere, an officer in the French navy. Being a learned man, as well as an officer of great merit, Pallu de la Barriere...

  • Official Report on the Behavior of the U.S.S. Baltimore
    Captain W. S. Schley

    U.S.S. Baltimore, 1st Rate,

    Navy Yard, Mare Island, Cal., January 6, 1892.


  • Electric Welded Projectiles
    Hiram Percy Maxim

    Ordnance experts and military men generally have lately been much interested in a new method of making projectiles. This is the Electric Welding Process, used by the American Projectile Company of Lynn, Mass., and from the success so far achieved...

  • The Influence of Range-Finders Upon Modern Ordnance. Gunnery, and War-Ship Construction
    Lieutenant Albert Gleaves

    It is believed that the introduction of a trustworthy naval rangefinder will lessen the necessity of extremely long guns, change the present disposition of the battery, modify the construction of warships, and materially alter the conduct of the...

  • Notes on the Date of Manufacture of the Three Guns at the U. S. Naval Academy, Captured in Corea by Rear-Admiral John Rodgers, U. S. N.
    By Thomas William Clarke

    One of these three guns is of a slightly ruder type than the other two. Both the others contain a mechanical feature which this ruder gun lacks, the ratchet on the under-side of the bottom of the boxing of the breech-cavity for engaging the point...

  • Professional Notes

    The Screw Ferry-Boat

    By E. W. Woolsey, Superintendent Hoboken Ferry Company

    As early as 1805, a screw steamboat, constructed by John Stevens, made a run as a ferry-boat between Hoboken...

  • Bibliographic Notes / Names of Members Who Joined Since July 1, 1891


    Nos. 10 and11. On the firing manual. French cavalry manoeuvres of 1891.

    No. 12. Moltke’s field-plan, 1866. Reorganization of the English artillery. Organization of the military tricycle service in...

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    A prize of one hundred dollars, with a gold medal, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented on any subject pertaining to the naval profession, subject to the following...

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    The U. S. Naval Institute was established in 1873, having for its object the advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in the Navy. It now enters upon its twentieth year of existence, trusting as heretofore for its support...


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