Proceedings Magazine - 1892 Vol. 18/1/61


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  • The Driggs-Schroeder System of Rapid-Fire Guns
    By Lieut. W. H. Driggs, U. S. Navy

    Having been requested by the Naval Institute to contribute an article under the above title, I have compiled such data and records as may be of interest to its readers. It has been my intention to avoid, as far as possible, drawing any...

  • Remarks on the Organization of Naval Engineer Forces
    By George Quick, Fleet Engineer, Royal Navy, Retired

    (Member U. S. Naval Institute.)

  • The Signal Question Up to Date
    Ensign A. P. Niblack

    In a recent number of the Proceedings the writer made a futile attempt to solve some of the difficulties of the naval signal question, by proposing a system of day, night and fog signals conforming to the requirements of the American Morse code,...

  • The Statics of Launching
    By Assistant Naval Constructor William J. Baxter, U.S. N.

    Launching is the operation by which a ship is transferred from the building ship into the water, and is performed by causing her to rest on a carriage, the cradle, which is allowed to slide along lubricated inclined planes, the ways, that extend...

  • Notes on the Literature of Explosives
    Charles E. Munroe


    By Charles E. Munroe.


    No. XXIII.


  • Professional Notes

    Drainage System of U.S.S. Monterey

    By A.W. Stahl, Assist. Naval Constructor, U.S. Navy

  • Book Notices

    LECTURES ON EXPLOSIVES. Prepared especially as a manual and guide in the laboratory of the U. S. Artillery School, by Willoughby Walke, 1st Lieutenant, 5th Artillery. -Artillery School Press : Fort Monroe, Va., 1891....

  • Bibliographic Notes


    DECEMBER 5 AND 12, 1891. The battle of Beaumont. The right of naval officers to resign. Naval notes: The Russian navy; French naval budget for 1892; Trials of the Eclair. The health of the navy, I....

  • Annual Report of the Sec. and Treas. of the U.S. Naval Institute


    Gentlemen — I have the honor to submit the following report for the year ending December 31, 1891:






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