Naval Reserves, and the Recruiting and Training of Men

By Lieutenant Sidney A. Staunton, U.S.N.
January 1889
Notwithstanding the differences in regard to political constitution, social organization, and international relations, which exist between the United States and the European countries whose naval systems have been reviewed, copious ...

Sheathed or Unsheathed Ships?

By Naval Constructor Philip Hichborn, U.S.N.
January 1889
The reconstruction of the United States Navy, begun in 1882, has been liberally provided for during the present Administration, and by the end of the year 1892, or ten years ...

A Letter of Captain A.T. Mahan

By Captain A. T. Mahan, U.S. Navy
January 1889
U.S. Naval War College, Newport, R.I., November 27, 1888. To the Secretary of the Naval Institute. Sir:—On several occasions there has been urged upon me the wish that the text ...

Naval Coast Signals

By Lieutenant Richard Wainwright, U.S.N.
January 1889
The defense of our coast has lately occupied a prominent place in the eyes of the public, if one may judge from the numerous magazine articles, newspaper references, and Congressional ...

Notes on the Literature of Explosives

By Charles E. Munroe
January 1889
No. XIX.U.S. Letters Patent No. 393,107, November 20, 1888, have been granted W.E. Hicks, of Brooklyn, N.Y., for a machine for the throwing of projectiles filled with high explosives, in ...

Progressive Naval Seamanship

By Commander C. D. Sigsbee, U.S.N.
January 1889
One of the vexed questions of the day within the Navy is that of seamanship; i.e. the relation of past seamanship to future seamanship. That experience with the new ships ...

The Protection of Cruisers

By E. Weyel
January 1889
Translated from Le Yacht.The old armored English frigate that has so frequently been blown up with torpedoes, now serves as a target for shells charged with high explosives. Up to ...

Repairs of the French Transport Shamrock

By Lieutenant E. H. C. Leutze, U.S.N.
January 1889
The French transport Shamrock, of 5700 tons, on a homeward-bound voyage, ran on a reef off the coast of Ceylon. After she was gotten off it was found that she ...

Book Notices

January 1889
This Gruson Quick-Fire Guns, Carriages, Ammunition and Ballistics.In the first part, a complete description, with drawings, is given of the breech mechanism, together with instructions for mounting, dismounting and using ...

Bibliographic Notes

January 1889
ANNALEN D. HYDROGRAPH IE U. MARITIMEN METEOROLOGIE.16th Annual Series, No. 9. Results of the meteorological observation for five years at Imperial Observatory in Wilhelmshaven (Dr. P. Andries). The inside passage ...

Special Notice

January 1889
NAVAL INSTITUTE PRIZE ESSAY, 1890.A prize o£ one hundred dollars and a gold medal is offered by the Naval Institute for the best Essay presented, subject to the following rules:Competition ...

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