Proceedings Magazine - 1888 Vol. 14/2/45

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A prize of one hundred dollars and a gold medal is offered by the Naval Institute for the best Essay...



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    A prize of one hundred dollars and a gold medal is offered by the Naval Institute for the best Essay presented, subject to the following rules:

  • Notes from the Journal of Lieutenant T. A. M. Craven, U.S.S. Dale, Pacific Squadron, 1846-49
    By Lieutenant T. A. M. Craven, USN


  • A New Method of Reducing Chronometrical Longitudes
    By Ensign A. B. Clements, U.S.N.

    Observations for the determination of the longitude of the mouth of the Keum river, Korea, were made by the officers of the U. S. S. Alert, in June, July, and August, 1884. The Alert being at that time a regular cruising vessel of the Asiatic...

  • Three Considered as a Tactical Unit
    By Lieutenant D. H. Mahan, U.S. Navy


    In bringing this subject to the notice of the Institute I am actuated by the feeling that the tactics now in use are not adequate for the present day. This inadequacy has been brought about by...

  • Velocities and Pressures in Guns
    By Ensign J. H. Glennon, U.S.N.

    When powder is burnt, either in the open air or in a closed vessel, the products are not all gaseous—a considerable quantity of solid residue is left. The experiments of Messrs. Noble and Abel with varying quantities of powder in a closed...

  • Ignition of Explosive Mixtures of Gases by Broken Incandescent Lamps
    By Lieutenant Hamilton Hutchins, U.S.N.

    Experiments Made at the Torpedo Station, Newport, R.I.

  • Notes on the Literature of Explosives
    By Charles E. Munroe

    No. XVII.

  • Professional Notes

    Steel: Its Properties; Its Uses in Structures and Heavy Guns.

    By Wm. Metcalf, Trans. Am. Soc. Civil Engineers.

    A Review.

    The year just passed has been a notable one in the history of gun-making...

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    Volume 9, No. 2, April, 1887.

    A. E. Menke has found that alkaline carbonates prevent to a certaint extent the destructive effect of ferric sulphate on boilers. Potassic carbonate he finds best...

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    The U. S. Naval Institute was established in 1873, having for its object the advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in the Navy. It now enters upon its sixteenth year of existence, trusting as heretofore for its support...


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