Proceedings Magazine - 1887 Vol. 13/3/42

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Prize Essay for 1887

“In hoc signo vinces.”


To be successful in the landing of seamen and marines and in...



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  • The Naval Brigade: Its Organization, Equipment, and Tactics
    By Lieutenant C. T. Hutchins, U. S. Navy

    Prize Essay for 1887

    “In hoc signo vinces.”


    To be successful in the landing of seamen and marines and in the operations on shore of the naval brigade, much...

  • Training of Enlisted Men of the Engineer's Force
    By Passed-Assistant Engineer W. M. Parks, U. S. N.

    The engine department of a modern war vessel may be compared to a machine shop. This comparison holds as well when the engines are in motion as when repairs are making to the main engines, or to the many auxiliary engines used. To get the best...

  • Iron and Steel, and the Mitis Process
    By W. F. Durfee, M. E.

    Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen:—I am announced to speak to you this evening upon " Iron and Steel, and the Mitis Process "—a subject manifestly too vast to be discussed comprehensively in a single lecture.

  • A New Method for Carrying and Lowering, and for Detaching Boats; Also a Suggestion for Defending Ships Against Auto-Mobile Torpedoes
    By Lieutenant D. H. Mahan, U. S. N.

    Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen.—The models I wish to exhibit to you this evening I have spent a great deal of time and thought upon, but until now I have hesitated about presenting them.

    I.—For Carrying Boats at Sea.

  • Notes on the Literature of Explosives
    By Charles E. Munroe

    No. XIV.

    Under the title of "A Remarkable Explosion," Prof. L. R. F. Griffin describes, in the Popular Science Monthly, 30, S10-814 ; April, 1887, the circumstances attending the explosion by a stroke...

  • Electric Motors
    By F. J. Sprague (Late Ensign, U. S. N.)

    Commander W. T. Sampson, Vice-President, in the chair.—The subject of the paper to be presented to the Institute this evening is " Electric Motors," and the lecturer, Mr. Frank J. Sprague, formerly an officer of the Navy and a...

  • Professional Notes

    The Wheeler Surface Condenser

    By W. F. Worthington, P. A. Engineer, U. S. N.

    This condenser (Fig. I) is similar to that patented by Mr. Loftus Perkins and described by him in a paper read before the Institute of...

  • Book Notice

    Azimuth: A Treatise on this Subject. By Lieutenant-Commander Joseph Edgar Craig, U. S. Navy. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

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    A prize of one hundred dollars and a gold medal is offered by the Naval Institute for the best Essay presented, subject to the following rules:


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