The Case of the Mignonette

By Henry Winthrop Hardon, A. M., LL. B., Law Orator for 1885, Harvard University.
April 1886
There was presented in December, 1884, for decision in an English Court of Appeal a case absolutely without precedent in the English law. It was a case of peculiar interest, ...

The Navy Six-Inch B.L.R.

By Ensign T. S. Rodgers, U.S.N.
April 1886
(By permission of the Bureau of Ordnance.) In 1881 the Bureau of Ordnance of the United States Navy decided on the construction of steel breech -loading rifled high-power guns for ...

The Monitor Weehawken in the Rebellion

By B. W. Loring, Late Lieutenant, U.S.N.
April 1886
The following letters of Mr. Loring, being replies to inquiries addressed to him, are now published with his permission. These letters are so graphic, and so clearly describe the peculiar ...

Battle Tactics: The Value of Concentration

By Commander H. C. Taylor, U.S.N.
April 1886
In presenting some views concerning the principles of naval tactics, it may be well to say beforehand that these views are in some respects contrary to the general sentiment of ...

Some Practical Hints About Fortifications

By J. C. Little, late Captain of Artillery and Ordnance Officer at Fort Fisher
April 1886
At the bombardment of Fort Fisher, the ironclads took up a position to the NE. of the fort, and devoted their attention to the land, or north, front of the ...

Notes on the Literature of Explosives

By Charles E. Munroe
April 1886
No. X.Among our new exchanges we are pleased to note the Transactions of the Technical Society of the Pacific Coast, published in San Francisco, Cal. The society was instituted April, ...

The Survey of the Coast

By Lieutenant George L. Dyer, U.S.N.
April 1886
While the officers of the Navy have been watching, with intense interest, the movement to build modern ships and to reorganize the administration of the Navy Department, they have paid ...

Professional Notes

April 1886
A STRANGE FAILURE OF STEEL BOILERS.[From the London Engineer.]The peculiarity of the boilers under consideration consisted in the fact that (1) the material used passed all the tests required by ...


April 1886
Report of the Superintendent of the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, Showing the Progress of the Work during the Fiscal Year Ending with June, 1884.This report contains, with ...

Bibliographic Notes

April 1886
AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, BULLETIN No. 2, 1885.John Cabot’s Landfall, Site of Norumbega, by Prof. E. N. Hors- ford, of Cambridge.An interesting and thorough study of the subject, accompanied by a ...


April 1886
The Prize Essay for 1886, as awarded in the following letter, and the discussion thereon, will be published in Whole No. 38, Proceedings ok the U. S. Naval Institute. A ...

Special Notice

April 1886
NAVAL INSTITUTE PRIZE ESSAY, 1887.A prize of one hundred dollars and a gold medal is offered by the Naval Institute for the best Essay presented, subject to the following ...

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