Proceedings Magazine - 1886 Vol. 12/4/39

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The necessity of changing the present system of lighting ships has long been apparent, and is growing more urgent every day, owing to the constant increase of ocean travel. It is no longer...



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  • Range Lights on Seagoing Ships
    By Lieutenant F. F. Fletcher, U.S.N.

    The necessity of changing the present system of lighting ships has long been apparent, and is growing more urgent every day, owing to the constant increase of ocean travel. It is no longer sufficient simply to know that a red light to starboard,...

  • A Proposed Method of Ranging Guns, Applicable to Flat Trajectories
    By Naval Cadet F. W. Jenkins, U. S. N.

    The angle of elevation at which a gun must be set to obtain a given range is ordinarily obtained by laying the gun at different elevations, observing the ranges and interpolating for intermediate ranges. Several shots must be fired at each degree...

  • Notes of Electrical Testing and Measuring Apparatus for Ships
    By Ensign S. Dana Greene, U. S. N.

    The introduction into a modern man-of-war of elaborate electrical plant has brought into prominence the necessity of having some kind of apparatus on board ship for testing the condition and efficiency of the plant from time to time. When it is...

  • Naval Reorganization
    By Captain A. P. Cooke, U.S.N.

    Ideas are in the air, as Emerson says, and they belong no more to one individual than another. It is impossible to sequestrate an idea for one's exclusive use. The subject of naval reorganization seems now to be in the air, and to occupy...

  • On the Study of Naval Warfare as a Science
    By Rear-Admiral S. B. Luce, U.S.N.

    "Science is applied knowledge."

    Under date of May 3, 1884, the Secretary of the Navy appointed a board of three officers to "report upon the subject of a post-graduate course for officers of the Navy."

  • The Firing of High Explosives from Great Guns
    By Commander Albert S. Barker, U.S.N.

    As the subject of firing high-explosive shells from great guns is engaging the attention of many at the present time, I have thought it well to follow the advice of my friend Professor Munroe, who has himself published so many valuable "...

  • Compressed Gun-Cotton for Military Purposes, Particularly Regarding its use in Shell
    Translated by Lieutenant Karl Rohrer, U.S.N.

    Experiments Made and Described by Max von Forster, First Lieutenant (Retired), Superintendent of the Gun- Cotton Factory of Wolff& Co., Walsrode, Germany.


    We have, in...

  • Notes on the Literature of Explosives
    By Charles E. Munroe

    No. XII.

  • Extract from the Report of the March to Witu by the Landing Party of the German Corvette Gneisenau
    Translated from Supplement to Marineverordnungsblatt by Lieutenant W. H. Beehler, U.S.N.

    The Gneisenau arrived off Lamoo on the 28th of August, 1885, in obedience to the order of the Commander-in-Chief of the German East African Squadron, to obtain definite intelligence concerning the Witu district.

  • Forced Combustion
    By Cadet-Engineer J. E. Byrne, U.S.N.

    By Cadet-Engineer J. E. Byrne, U.S.N.

  • Professional Notes

    [From Tablettes des deux Charentes, Sept., 1886.]

  • Bibliographic Notes


    May. Notes on the method of compiling a range-table, by Commander H. J. May, R. N. The trajectory for the cubic law of resistance, by A. G. Greenhill, M. A. The march of the...

  • Special Notice


    A prize of one hundred dollars and a gold medal is offered by the Naval Institute for the best Essay presented, subject to the following rules:


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