July 1885
The compiler of this volume of Notes on Marine International Law lays no claim whatever to originality. It is simply, as shown by the title-page, a compilation from the writings ...

Works from Which Extracts are Taken

July 1885
Kent, James. Commentaries on American Law. 10th ed. New York, i860. Wheaton, Henry. Elements of International Law. 2d ed. Lawrence’s Notes. Boston, 1863. ——The same. 8th ed. Dana’s Notes. Boston, ...

Marine International Law

By Commander Henry Glass, U. S. Navy
July 1885
PART I. INTERNATIONAL LAW. Its Objects, Sources and Sanctions. International Law is the system of rules governing the intercourse of nations in peace and war. The naval officer is chiefly ...

Bibliographic Notes

July 1885
AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS. TRANSACTIONS. December, 1884. Experiments on journal friction at low velocities, by A. M. Wellington. These experiments were made on the rolling stock of the Lake ...

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