Prize Essay

February 1885
Washington, 11th March, 1885. Paymaster Robert W. Allen, U. S. N. Secretary U. S. Naval Institute. Sir: —We have carefully perused the three essays sent in competition for the annual ...

Graphical Method for Navigators

By Commander C. D. Sigsbee, U. S. N.
February 1885
For Star Identification, Great-Circle Sailing, True Bearings of Heavenly Bodies, Hour Angle and Altitude of Bodies on the Prime Vertical, and, in general, for the Approximate Solution of Spherical Problems. ...

A New Method of Making Running Surveys

By Ensign John H. Fillmore, U.S.N.
February 1885
A method of sketching in shore-lines when making running surveys or reconnaissance which avoids the necessity of estimating distances, or depending on the eye to get the configuration of the ...

Notes on the Literature of Explosives

By Prof. Chas. E. Munroe, U.S.N.A.
February 1885
No. VIII. In the first number of these Notes attention was called to the growing importance to the student of explosives of the new study of thermo-chemistry, and frequent references ...

The Combats on the Min River

Translated by Lieut. E. B, Barry, U.S.N.
February 1885
From the French of Captain Chabaud-Arnault, F. N., in the Revue Maritime et Coloniale. I. Admiral Courbet's report of the combats on the Min River is so complete and so ...

On the Combustion of Gunpowder in Guns

By Lieut. J. F. Meigs, U.S.N.
February 1885
The object of this paper is to present what seems to be a reasonable explanation of what are commonly called "wave pressures" in guns. When charges of powder are fired ...

Moeris: The Great Reservoir of Middle Egypt

By Cope Whitehouse, M. A.
February 1885
With the Topography and Construction of the Pyramids. The maps of Egypt prior to the publication of my researches in October, 1882, represent the desert to the southwest of Benisuef ...

Professional Notes

February 1885
Tests of Anti-Corrosive Anti-Fouling Compositions for the Bottoms of Steel Ships Made by the Navy Department under the Direction of The Naval Advisory Board By Lieutenant-Commander F. M. Barber, U.S.N. ...


February 1885
Le Tir de l’Artillerie de Campagne. Par Major H. Rohne; traduit de l’allemand par le Capitaine Bodenhorst, de l’artillerie beige. Bruges : C. De Laroière, 1883. The formation of rules ...

Bibliographic Notes

February 1885
AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY BULLETIN. No. 3, 1884. The life and scientific works of Arnold Guyot, by Professor William Libbey, Jr. A remarkable globe map of the sixteenth century, by A. ...

Naval Institute Prize Essay, 1886

February 1885
A Prize of one hundred dollars and a gold medal is offered by the Naval Institute for the best Essay presented, subject to the following rules: Competition for the Prize ...

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