Smith Sound and Its Exploration

Dr. Emil Bessels
July 1884
By Dr. Emil Bessels.A body of water of striking peculiarity separates Greenland from the American continent and its ice-bound archipelago extending towards the Pole. Its length of 1300 miles is ...

Naval Tactics

Lieutenant-Commander Horace Elmer
July 1884
Throughout the general advance in the arts and sciences, nowhere has progress been more marked, more continuous, than in naval architecture. From the line-of-battle ship of fifty years ago, to ...

Cylinder Diameters of Marine Compound Engines

By Assistant Engineer Jay M. Whitham, U. S. N.
July 1884
The following summary of the different methods of designing the cylinder diameters of marine compound engines is presented in the hope that it may be of interest to those engineers ...

Professional Notes

July 1884
The Care of Boilers in the NavyBy Assistant Engineer W. M. Parks, U.S.N.To any one at all familiar with the subject, it must be evident that the lifetime of ...

Bibliographic Notices

July 1884
ANNALEN DER HYDROGRAPHIE UND MARITIMEN METEOROLOGIE.Part XII., 1883. The three Norwegian expeditions, 1876-78. Trials with registering log apparatus, and the ordinary log extracts from cruise report of S. M. S ...

Additions to Library

July 1884
EXCHANGES.American Geographical Society, Proceedings. Nos. 3-4.American Institute of Mining Engineers, Transactions. Vol. XI., 1883. American Iron and Steel Association, Bulletin. Nos. 3-11.American Philosophical Society, Proceedings. Vol. XXI., No. 114.American ...

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