Prize Essay

April 1883
Boston, March 14, 1883.Lieut. J. B. Murdock, U. S. N., Corresponding Secretary, &c., Annapolis, Md.Dear Sir :—The undersigned, in performance of the duty assigned to them by the Executive Committee ...

The Theory of the Deep Sea Wave

Assistant Naval Constructor Richard Gatewood
April 1883
The mathematical theory of the rolling of ships in a seaway is now so well established in all its main features as not to admit of doubt as to its ...

Curves of Stability

Commander C. M. Chester
April 1883
The night of September 6th, 1870, was a memorable one in the annals of the British navy. A few days before, the Captain, a large ship of the line, of ...

Surface Condensers

Cadet Engineer J. M. Whitham
April 1883
The old practice of making the condensing surface a certain percentage of the heating surface of the boilers has been largely followed by designers, and is even now recommended by ...

Professional Notes

April 1883
The Relations between the Size, Speed, and Power of Marine Engines.By Richard Sennett, Chief Engineer Royal Navy, Memb. Inst. M. E., &c.(From the Journal of the Royal United Service ...

Bibliographic Notices

April 1883
ANNALEN DER HYDROGRAPHIE UND MARITIMEN METEOROLOGIE.Part I, 1883. The physical geography and meteorology of the Cape of Good Hope. The deep sea soundings of the Siemens steamer Faraday. Hurricane in ...

Naval Institute Prize Essay, 1884

April 1883
A Prize of one hundred dollars and a gold medal is offered by the Naval Institute for the best Essay presented, subject to the following rules:Competition for the Prize is ...

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