Proceedings Magazine - 1883 Vol 9/5/27

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In establishing a branch of the Naval Institute at Coasters Harbor Island (Newport), I beg leave to avail myself of so fitting an occasion to offer a few remarks on the subject of the higher...



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  • War Schools
    Commodore Stephen B. Luce

    In establishing a branch of the Naval Institute at Coasters Harbor Island (Newport), I beg leave to avail myself of so fitting an occasion to offer a few remarks on the subject of the higher education of naval officers. Before doing so, however,...

  • Naval Intelligence
    Ensign Charles C. Rogers

    That intelligence is not used here in the sense of quick understanding, but in that of information, is a fact sufficiently understood. Worcester defines the word as "acquired knowledge; news; account of things distant or secret; communicated...

  • The Evolution of Courts-Martial
    Lieutenant Nathan Sargent

    The development of courts-martial from their primordial form in the courts of chivalry to the model of to-day, is a subject somewhat difficult to investigate, so many customs and formalities having been the result of usage arising from...

  • Water-Line Defence and Gun-Shields for Cruisers
    Passed Assistant Engineer N. B. Clark

    “An examination of facts is the foundation of science.”


    A well designed war-ship may be termed an aggregation of compromises. The augmentation or extension of any quality beyond a certain limit can only be made at...

  • Notes on the Literature of Explosives
    Prof. Chas. E. Munroe.

    No. V.


    It is a well-known fact that the intervention of an obstacle in the path of a beam of sound waves causes the formation of a shadow, but owing to the length of the waves the shadow is not so marked as for light. In 1826...

  • Deck Chart-Board
    Lieutenant Albert Ross

    In the Proceedings of the Naval Institute, Vol. VII, No. 4, 1882, attention was called to this subject, under an article headed "Aids in the Practical Work of Navigation." No working drawings were offered at that time, but a letter...

  • Professional Notes

    Electricity Applied to Explosive Purposes.
    By Sir Frederick A. Abel, C. B., F. R. S., Hon. M. Inst., C. E.

    Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, London, England, by permission of the Author.

  • Bibliographic Notices

    BULLETIN OF THE AMERICAN IRON AND STEEL ASSOCIATION. Sept. 26. New legal standard wire gauge.

    The following has been issued by the Standards Department of the British Board of Trade. The new standard gauge has been duly approved by Order...

  • Additions to Library


    Annalen der Hydrographic u. Maritimen Meteorologie. Nos. 4, 6 and 7, 1883.

    Association Parisienne des Proprietaircs d’Appareilsa Vapeur. Ninth Bulletin.

  • International Electrical Exhibition in Philadelphia

    The Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania for the Promotion op the Mechanic Arts.


  • Naval Institute Prize Essay, 1884

    A Prize of one hundred dollars and a gold medal is offered by the Naval Institute for the best Essay presented, subject to the following rules:


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