A U-Bow Section and a Long Buttock Line

Lieutenant Seaton Schroeder
August 1882
In the title of this paper are announced the two salient features of a form of immersed body which I have devised, and which, I think, will experience the least ...

The Fryer Buoyant Propeller

Lieut. W. H. Jaques
August 1882
Lord Bacon said "There are three things which make a nation great and prosperous—a fertile soil, busy workshops, and easy conveyance of men and things from place to place." We ...

The Physalia, or Portuguese Man-Of-War

Midshipman W. E. Safford
August 1882
During a recent cruise in the West Indies I had the opportunity of closely observing the Portuguese man-of-war, one of the most remarkable and most interesting of the ocean's inhabitants. ...

Notes on the Literature of Explosives

Charles E, Munroe
August 1882
Under the title "Study of the Explosive Properties of Fulminate of Mercury," Berthelot and Vieille give an account of their experiments in Annales de Chimie et de Physique, XXI [5], ...

Tides: Their Cause

U. S. G. White
August 1882
The subject of this short paper is one which has received much attention, and many theories and reasons have been given therefore, the principal object being to account for the ...


August 1882
Prize Essay, 1882. Our Merchant Marine: The Causes of its Decline, and the Means to be taken for its Revival The following letter from Captain A. P. Cooke, U. S. ...

Professional Notes

August 1882
Interference Phenomena in a New Form of Refractometer. By Albert A. Michelson (Late Master U. S. N.). (From the American Journal of Science.) In an experiment undertaken with a view ...


August 1882
An Attempt to Solve the Problem of the Landing Place of Columbus in the New World. Hon. G. V. Fox. Appendix No. 18, U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Report, ...

Bibliographic Notices

August 1882
ANNALEN DER HYDROGKAPHIE UND MARITIMEN METEORO- LOGIE, 1882. Part V. The physical relations of the Atlantic ocean. Discussion of the monthly barometric variations in different geographical positions and the relation ...

Books Received

August 1882
Annalen der Hydrographic und Maritimen Metcorologie. Parts V-IX. 1882. Association Parisiennes des Propriétaires d’Appareils á Vapeur. Comptes Rendus du 6 e Congres des Ingenieurs en Chef. Bulletin. 1881. American Geographical ...

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