Proceedings Magazine - 1882 Vol 8/2/20

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1. In carrying chronometers, the gimbals should be secured by the stay to prevent the chronometer swinging in the gimbals. Aboard ship the gimbals should be unstayed, that the chronometer bowl and...



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  • Rules for the Care and Handling of Chronometers
    T. S. and J. D. Negus

    1. In carrying chronometers, the gimbals should be secured by the stay to prevent the chronometer swinging in the gimbals. Aboard ship the gimbals should be unstayed, that the chronometer bowl and gimbal ring may find their level, and the stay...

  • The Marine Ram, As Designed by Rear Admiral Daniel Ammen, U.S.N.
    Wm. G. Gibbons

    From the earliest period in the history of the human race until the present time, the quarrels that have arisen between tribes, or provinces, or nations more or less contiguous, have in the main been settled by recourse to blows.


  • The Gulf Stream
    John R. Bartlett

    My paper, read before the Institute last winter, was so kindly received, that it is with pleasure I now give the results of the Blake's summer cruise in the Gulf Stream. My previous paper told of the source of the Gulf Stream, beginning with...

  • High-Powered Guns: A Study
    Lieut. E. W. Very

    Mr. Chairman: The substance of what I have the honor to submit to you this evening I have called a study. Not that I am afflicted with the fashionable disease of aestheticism, but because many of the deductions which I shall make are based upon...

  • Proposed System of Circulating and Heating Water, Drainage and Ventilation of State Rooms, &c., on Ship-Board
    P. Asst. Engineer Stacy Potts

    We must start out with the fact that steam is to be kept up at all times, and, in our coming man-of-war, this will be found absolutely necessary for other purposes, such as pumping, capstans, heating, &c. The ships will probably be fitted...

  • Rear-Admiral John Rodgers, President of the Naval Institute, 1879-82
    J. Russell Soley

    By the death of Rear-Admiral John Rodgers, the Naval Institute has lost a valued member, and one of its most faithful and active friends. In view of his early association with the society, the high office which he filled, and the warm respect and...

  • Discussion: The Use of Iron and Steel in the Construction of Vessels of War
    O. A. Batcheller

    Lieut. J. C. Soley.—As the duty has been assigned to me of opening this discussion, on the merits of the two metals, I shall endeavor to point out some of the features which demand consideration, as bearing more particularly on their...

  • Discussion On Ocean Lanes
    Lieut. F. W. Nichols

    Hon. R. B. Forbes.—I would call attention to the pressing necessity for the consideration of separate tracks out and home for steamers navigating the Atlantic. As long ago as 1854 the subject was broached, and early in 1855 Lieut. M. F....

  • Notes on the Literature of Explosives
    Chas. E. Munroe

    Among- the curious applications of the high explosives is their use in clearing out the obstructions in blast furnaces which are still in operation. An account of this use of them is given in the Transactions of the American Institute of Mining...

  • Professional Notes
    J. E. Hilgard

    [Transcript from U. S. Coast Survey Report for 1881.]

    The length of a nautical mile is defined as the one-sixtieth part of that of a degree of a great circle of the earth. If the earth were a perfect sphere of known dimensions, the length...

  • Reviews

    No publication will be noticed under this head, unless a copy, to be placed in the Institute Library, is sent to the Corresponding Secretary at Annapolis, Md.

    Egyptian Obelisks. By Lieut....

  • Bibliographic Notices


  • Books Received

    Almanach für die K. K. Kriegs Marine. 1882.

    Annalen der Hydrographie und maritimen Meteorologie. 1880, 1881. Parts I-IV. 1882.

    American Geographical Society. Vols. XI and XII. Bulletins 3 and 4, 1881. Bulletin 1, 1882.


  • Naval Institute Prize Essay, 1883

    A Prize of one hundred dollars and a gold medal of the value of fifty dollars, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best Essay presented, subject to the following rules:


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