Magazine Small Arms

Lieut. W. W. Kimball
July 1881
Magazine small arms are those shoulder pieces and pistols whose systems of construction enable them to fire several successive rounds without reloading. They are divided into two general classes, revolvers ...

Aids to Navigation

Lieut. Commander F. E. Chadwick
July 1881
It is difficult to realize that in 1816, one of the most important lights on the coast of Great Britain, that of the Isle of May, was but an open ...

The Naval Campaign of 1812

Prof. J. Russell Soley
July 1881
[Copyright, 1881, by J. R. Soley.] In order to understand fully the merits of the early actions of the war of 1812, it is necessary to notice for a moment ...

The Lee System for Small Arms

Mr. James P. Lee
July 1881
After the muzzle-loading arms collected upon the field of Antietam, had shown the necessity of adopting for general military work a breech-loading system which would not allow overloading, after the ...

Professional Notes

July 1881
These articles have not been read before the Institute, but are inserted by direction of the Executive Committee. Different Types of Circulating Pumps for Surface Condensers. Few who have experience ...


July 1881
No publication will be noticed under this head, unless a copy, to be placed in the Institute library, is sent to the Corresponding Secretary at Annapolis, Md. Reviews must be ...

Bibliographic Notices

July 1881
ASTRONOMICAL REGISTER. July, 1881. The -visitation at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. The Astronomer Royal in his report states that the American extension of longitude carried on under Lt. Comdr. Green, ...

Books Received

July 1881
American Geographical Society. Bulletin No. 6 of 1879, and No. 5 of 1880. American Institute of Mining Engineers. Papers read at the Philadelphia and Virginia meetings (26). American Metrological Society. ...

New Members

July 1881
The following members have joined since the publication of the last catalogue. Members. (24) Ayers, J. G., Surg., Navy Department. Blish, J. B., Midn., Constitution. Briggs, J. B., Lieut., Naval ...

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