The Valuation of Coal

Prof. Charles E. Munroe
July 1880
Mr. Chairman:-By the valuation of coal is meant the estimation by experiment of its value as a calorific agent, and it will be admitted that the discovery of some method ...

The Ventilation of Ships

G. W. Baird
July 1880
Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen:I think that the carbonic acid exhaled from our lungs or produced by combustion on board ship is not nearly so injurious to health or comfort as ...

The Naval Brigade

John C. Soley
July 1880
Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen.The term Naval Brigade, as you all know, is applied to the forces of a ship or ships which maybe landed for operations on shore, and is ...

Professional Notes

July 1880
These Articles have not been read before the Institute, but are inserted by direction of the Executive Committee.Details Concerning the Capture of the Huascar. Questions Asked By the Officers ...


July 1880
MEMBERSwho have joined since the publication of last catalogue.(55)ALGER, P. R., C.-Mid’n. “Richmond,” Asiatic Station.ASHMORE, H. B., C.-Mid’n. 123 West 45th St„ New York.ASPINWALL. LLOYD, Gen. New York.BEEHLER. W ...

Books Received

July 1880
Momoires et Compte Rendu des Travaux de la Société des Ingeniéurs Civils, Paris, Mar.—Juillet, 1880 (5).Journal of the Military Service Institution of the U. S. No. 2.Bulletin of the American ...

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