Constitution and By-Laws

January 1880
CONSTITUTION.TITLE.Article I. The Organization shall be known as the United States Naval Institute.OBJECT.Art. II. Its object shall be the advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in ...

Secretary's Report

January 1880
U. S. Naval. Institute.Annapolis, Md., Jan’y 8th, 1880.During the past year, the affairs of the Institute may be said to have met with unvarying success. The membership has increased until ...

Treasurer's Report

January 1880
Gentlemen:U. S. Naval Institute. Annapolis, Md., Jan’y 7th, 1880.I beg leave to submit the enclosed report of the receipts and expenditures of the Institute, from Jan’y 7,1879, to Jan’y 7 ...

Our Rifled Ordnance

Lieut. H. W. Lyon
January 1880
Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen:—My endeavor in this paper will be to lay before you the efforts that have been made during the past few years by the Ordnance Bureau of ...

The Training of Seamen

Lt.Comdr. F. E. Chadwick
January 1880
Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen:—I can only hope to give a slight resume of the methods pursued abroad in training men for the navy. But I shall, at least be able ...


January 1880
A Uniform System of Rigs for Boats and Launches.The Chairman:—The subject before the Institute is one of importance to the Navy; for it does not appear that experience has produced ...

The Training Ship Minnesota

Lieut. B. Noyes
January 1880
Additional remarks of Lieut. B. Noyes on Lieut. Comdr Chadwick's paper, particularly treating of the system and routine, as carried out on board the Training Ship Minnesota.In a general way ...


January 1880
Page x, Hue 7, for Constable read Constructor.Page xv, line 13, for “Teuton” read “Trenton”.Page xv, line 3 from bottom, for Baclife read Bache.Page 41, line 9 from bottom, for ...

Officers of the Institute

January 1880

List of Members

January 1880
LIST OF MEMBERS.391April, 1880.(Notice.—Members are requested to notify the Secretary if their address is incorrectly given, and also when their address is changed.)ABBOTT, C. W., Pay Director ...

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