Naval Affairs

Lieutenant Frederick Collins
July 1879
Mr. President and Gentlemen:—Having accepted your kind invitation to read a paper before the Institute, I had already progressed well towards the completion of an essay before I knew that ...

The Navigation of the China Seas

Lieutenant Zera L. Tanner
July 1879
Introductory Remarks. I have been requested by the committee to prepare a paper on the navigation of the China seas. I have consented to do so, notwithstanding the fact that ...

The Boiler Power of Naval Vessels

Passed Assistant Eng. C. R. Roelker
July 1879
The problem to be solved in designing the machinery of a vessel may be stated in general terms as follows: a given amount of power is to be developed for ...

Professional Notes

July 1879
The Duchemin Compass. "The ordinary compass needle offers to the two magnetic currents of the earth, a surface merely narrow and longitudinal. Reason tells us that the greater the ...

List of Members

July 1879
List of Memberswho have joined the Institute since the publication of the last report.Almy, Rear Admiral J. J. 817 15th St., Washington.Allderdice, Ensign W. Hagerstown, Md.Balch, Rear Admiral G. ...

Prize and Other Essays

July 1879
PrizeAnd Other Essays.1879.Washington, March 22, 1879.Sir,The undersigned, to whom were submitted in January last ten essays on Naval Education, with the request that they decide which is the best and ...

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