The Nautical Almanac

Professor Simon Newcomb
April 1879
Although the Nautical Almanacs of the world, at the present time, are of comparatively recent origin, they have grown from small beginnings, the tracing of which is not unlike that ...

Map of Tripoli

April 1879
The accompanying map of the harbor of Tripoli was sketched on the spot in 1804, by Mr. F. C. deKrafft, a Midshipman on board the Brig Syren. The original is ...

Officers of the Institute, 1879

April 1879
President,Rear-Admiral John Rodgers.Vice-President,Commodore Foxhall A. Parker.Secretary,Lieutenant John C. Soley.Corresponding Secretary,Professor C. E. Munroe.Treasurer,Chief-Engineer James P. Sprague.Committee on Publication,Lieutenant-Commander A. D. Brown.Lieutenant Jacob W. Miller.Passed Assistant-Engineer, Geo. H. Kearny.Branch—Washington.Vice ...

List of Members

April 1879
(Notice.—Members are requested to notify the Secretary if their addresses are incorrectly given, and also to notify him when the address is changed.)Ammen, Rear Admiral D. Care Navy Department.Ames, P. ...


April 1879
Title.ARTICLE I. The Organization shall be known as the United States Naval Institute.Object.ART. II. Its object shall be the advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in the ...


April 1879
ARTICLE I. The rules of the United State House of Representatives shall, in so far as applicable, govern the parliamentary proceedings of the Society.ART. II. 1. At both regular and ...

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