Proceedings Magazine - 1879 Vol 5/4/9

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"Qui non proficit, deficit'




The question of Naval Education is one that is fraught not only with the improvement of that...



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  • Naval Education
    Lieutenant-Commander Allan D. Brown

    "Qui non proficit, deficit'




    The question of Naval Education is one that is fraught not only with the improvement of that branch of the public service, but, in the event of war...

  • Naval Education
    Lieutenant-Commander C. F. Goodrich

    “Esse quam Videri.”


  • Naval Education
    By Commander A. T. Mahan, U.S. Navy



    In considering the question of Naval Education for officers and men it is necessary to put clearly before us two things—1st, the material upon which we shall have to begin; 2d, what it is that we...

  • Discussion of the Prize Essay on Naval Education
    Professor J. Russell Soley

    The Chairman. The meeting this evening has been called for the adjourned discussion upon the Prize Essay on Naval Education, by Lieut. Commander Brown. It may be well, therefore, to give a brief summary of the points presented by the essay.

  • The Environment of the Man of the Sea
    Medical Inspector B. F. Gibbs

    Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Institute:

    The limits of this paper on the Environment of the Man of the Sea, will permit me to touch upon a very few of the many subdivisions of the subject, of which it should treat. To make a brief...

  • Testing Water on Board Ship
    Lieut. Commander Horace Elmer

    Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen:

  • The U. S. Ship Trenton (A Supplement.)
    Geo. W. Baird, Passed Assistant Engineer

    As there had been no full speed trial of the Trenton at the time I wrote my paper describing the improved machinery on board that vessel, and in consequence of the discussion that followed, I am induced to offer this, a supplementary article....

  • Uses of Astronomy
    Rear Admiral John Rodgers

    In some occupations it happens that the good attained by them is not seen at once, but only when the effects are traced to their sources do we find the meaning of the work. Sowing wheat, for instance, seems at first waste of grain; traced further...


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