Proceedings Magazine - 1879 Vol 5/2/7

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Although the Nautical Almanacs of the world, at the present time, are of comparatively recent origin, they have grown from small beginnings, the tracing of which is not unlike that of the origin...



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  • The Nautical Almanac
    Professor Simon Newcomb

    Although the Nautical Almanacs of the world, at the present time, are of comparatively recent origin, they have grown from small beginnings, the tracing of which is not unlike that of the origin of species by the naturalist of the present day....

  • Map of Tripoli

    The accompanying map of the harbor of Tripoli was sketched on the spot in 1804, by Mr. F. C. deKrafft, a Midshipman on board the Brig Syren. The original is now in the possession of his son. Captain J. C. P. deKrafft, U. S. Navy, who...

  • Operations of the Mediterranean Squadron Under Commodore Edward Preble, in 1803-4
    Professor James Russell Soley

    My purpose in preparing this paper for the Institute is to give such an account of the operations against Tripoli as will furnish the necessary commentary and supplement to the journal of Commodore Preble, while in command of the fleet in 1804....

  • On Recent Modifications of the Explosive Force of Gunpowder
    Lieutenant Commander W. M. Folger

    Mr. Chairman, and Gentlemen: Before touching upon the changes-which have been effected in our own day in the burning qualities of gun-powder, I have thought it might not be uninteresting to present a short outline of the experiments of the early...

  • The Purposes of a Navy, and the Best Methods of Rendering it Efficient
    Rear-Admiral Daniel Ammen

    At the time of the receipt of the invitation of this Institute, I had agreed to prepare a paper for publication in "the United Service" quarterly, which I have the honor to read on this occasion, relating to the subjects which engage...

  • Rooms for Recreation and Places of Refuge for the Crews of the Several Squadrons. Extract from a Report to the President of the French Republic
    Vice Admiral A. Pothuau

    April 1878.

    Translated by Duncan Kennedy, Lieut. U. S. N.


    In addition to the information given in the report submitted to the President of the Republic upon the state of elementary instruction in the fleet, the...

  • Note of the Manufacture of Nitro-Glycerine at Vonges
    Professor Charles E. Munroe

    On page fifteen, of the present volume, I have described the process for the manufacture of nitro-glycerine, in use at Vonges and there I stated that as the factory was not in operation, I could only see the apparatus used, and hence there was a...

  • Naval Institute Prize Essay, 1880.

    A Prize of one hundred dollars and a gold medal of the value of fifty dollars is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented subject to the following rules.

    1. Competition for the Prize is open to all persons eligible to...

  • Officers of the Institute, 1879


    Rear-Admiral John Rodgers.


    Commodore Foxhall A. Parker.

  • List of Members

    (Notice.—Members are requested to notify the Secretary if their addresses are incorrectly given, and also to notify him when the address is changed.)

    Ammen, Rear Admiral D. Care Navy Department.

    Ames, P. A. Surgeon Ii. E....

  • Constitution


    ARTICLE I. The Organization shall be known as the United States Naval Institute.


    ART. II. Its object shall be the...

  • By-Laws

    ARTICLE I. The rules of the United State House of Representatives shall, in so far as applicable, govern the parliamentary proceedings of the Society.

    ART. II. 1. At both regular and stated meetings the routine of business shall be as...


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