June 1878
At the April meeting of the Institute the following amendment to the Constitution was adopted, to take effect January, 1879."Members, who are two years in arrears for dues shall be ...

The U.S. Ship Trenton

Geo. W. Baird, Passed Assistant Engineer
June 1878
An Inspection of this fine vessel will show that our Naval Authorities have well improved their time since the termination of our late war, and have profited by the costly ...

Deep Sea Sounding

Lieutenant-Commander Theodore F. Jewell
June 1878
Mr. President, Gentlemen:It is within the last thirty years only that any material addition has been made to our information as to what lies beneath the surface of the sea. ...

The Nicaragua Survey

Lieutenant J. W. Miller
June 1878
In the absence of the author, Master S.A. Staunton, U.S. Navy, read the following paper. Not many months since a Commission, appointed by the President, was in session at Washington ...

Life Saving at Sea

Lieutenant Theodorus B. M. Mason
June 1878
Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen:I would ask your attention this evening to a subject which may be literally of vital importance to some of us. It seems to me to be ...

Prize Essay

June 1878
U. S. NAVAL INSTITUTE,Annapolis, Md., June 13, 1878.Commander A. T. Mahan, U. S. N., Vice President, in the Chair.The following rules were adopted:Rule I. That a prize to consist of ...

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