Proceedings Magazine - 1878 Vol. 4/1/4

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Commodore F. A. Parker, U. S. N.

Vice President,...



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  • Officers of the Institute for 1878


    Commodore F. A. Parker, U. S. N.

    Vice President,

    Commander A. T....

  • Notice

    At the April meeting of the Institute the following amendment to the Constitution was adopted, to take effect January, 1879.

    "Members, who are two years in arrears for dues shall be dropped; and the Proceedings shall not be furnished...

  • The U.S. Ship Trenton
    Geo. W. Baird, Passed Assistant Engineer

    An Inspection of this fine vessel will show that our Naval Authorities have well improved their time since the termination of our late war, and have profited by the costly experiments which have so advanced the great Navies of Europe.


  • An Experimental Lecture. Upon The Causes of and Conditions which Promote Explosions
    Chas. E, Munroe, Prof, of Chemistry

    In treating of the subject of explosion I shall deal only with those explosive bodies which are in general use as projectile or blasting agents and whose explosive properties result from the re-arranging of their constituent atoms.


  • Deep Sea Sounding
    Lieutenant-Commander Theodore F. Jewell

    Mr. President, Gentlemen:

  • The Nicaragua Survey
    Lieutenant J. W. Miller

    In the absence of the author, Master S.A. Staunton, U.S. Navy, read the following paper.


  • Life Saving at Sea
    Lieutenant Theodorus B. M. Mason

    Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen:

  • Prize Essay


    Annapolis, Md., June 13, 1878.

    Commander A. T. Mahan, U. S. N., Vice President, in the Chair.

    The following rules were adopted:



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