December 1877
Page 21, †, for "Antigomus," read Antigonus.Page 22, line 9, for "De Suffern," read De Suffren.Page 54, line 5, "through the end tube" should read "through the casing and tube."

Fleets of the World

Captain S. B. Luce, U. S. Navy.
December 1877
It was a fine conception to draw up all the fleets of the world in one grand review for the inspection and criticism of the student and scholar; and it ...

The Development of Rifled Ordnance

Lieutenant Edward W. Very
December 1877
Gentlemen:—With the introduction of the 8 inch converted rifle, the United States Navy has taken its first decided step in the practical development of a system of rifled ordnance; and ...

The Converted Eight Inch M. L. Rifle

Lieutenant Duncan Kennedy, U. S. N.
December 1877
The new eight inch converted muzzle-loading rifle is made on what is known as the "Pallisser System"; that is converting a smooth bore into a rifle by inserting a wrought ...

Navigation, A. D. 1594

Lieutenant Commander Allan D. Brown
December 1877
We who live in this latter half of the nineteenth century, and are furnished with such excellent means of navigating the trackless ocean that we are able to appoint a ...

Preservation of Wood

Prof. Chas. E. Munroe
December 1877
Mr. Chairman, Gentlemen,Wherever life exists we find a constant struggle for its maintenance. In every animal, and vegetable substance, so soon as the vital force ceases to act, we see ...

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