Naval History Archive - 2007

  • The USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) unleashes a broadside during a 1930s fleet exercise in James A. Flood's painting Pacific Bulwark. Damaged in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Pennsylvania earned eight battle stars for World War II service. Read Paul Stillwell's article about battleships and...

  • The USS Monitor and CSS Virginia exchange shots during the 9 March 1862 Battle of Hampton Roads in Patrick O'Brien's painting Duel of the Ironclads. The Monitor's two XI-inch Dahlgren guns fired 41 168-pound cast-iron shots at the Confederate ship, and, in turn, 22 of the Virginia's rounds hit...

  • U.S. Navy SBD Dauntlesses fly over the burning Akagi in R. G. Smith's painting The Battle of Midway. On 4 June 1942, only three SBDs attacked the carrier, but the 1,000-pound bomb dropped by Lieutenant Richard Best's Dauntless exploded among fueled and armed torpedo bombers on her hangar deck....

  • During one of the Marines’ last fights on Guadalcanal, four Leathernecks (from left, Private First Class William Berndl, Platoon Sergeant Joseph Cado, Corporal Herman Burks, and Private Edward Barkowski) carry their wounded acting-company commander, Second Lieutenant Baine P. Kerr, to...

  • An F-8 Crusader “MiG Killer” is one of 24 restored aircraft visitors can view on board the Midway, home of the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum. Bruce Lender’s article about San Diego’s naval past and nautical sites begins on page 14.

  • The USS Illinois, one of the battleships of the Great White Fleet, makes headway in Frank Muller's painting Ships of the New Navy. Our articles commemorating the 100th anniversary of the fleet setting out on its around-the-world cruise begin on page 16.


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