Naval History Magazine - June 2017 Volume 31, Number 3

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The Battle of Midway’s final score is familiar—four Japanese aircraft carriers sunk versus one U.S. carrier lost. Less well known is how SBD Dauntless dive bombers sank...


  • As I Recall - Assault on the Stark
    By Rear Admiral Harold J. Bernsen, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    In early 1988, the U.S. Naval Institute’s Paul Stillwell met Admiral Bernsen, Commander, Middle East Force, on board his flagship in the Persian Gulf. After the admiral retired, he and Stillwell conducted two oral history interviews....

  • Torpedo Eight's Celebrated Survivor
    By Robert J. Mrazek

    Often mistakenly referred to as Torpedo Squadron Eight’s lone Midway survivor, George Gay nevertheless plays a huge role in the battle’s enduring mystique.


  • Acts of Valor


  • Grading Midway's Commanders
    By Jonathan Parshall

    Which side received higher leadership marks on its Battle of Midway report card is no surprise, but the illuminating ‘why’ behind the grades reflects crucial differences between the U.S. Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy.

  • Semper Fidelis: Defending the Marine Corps
    By Alan Rems
    Responding to threats posed by military unification, dedicated Leathernecks fought to preserve the Marine Corps and its established role in the nation’s defense.

    Seventy years ago, on 26 July 1947,...

  • VT-8 Aviators Immortalized
    By Robert J. Mrazek

    The story of the gallant, one-way mission of Torpedo Squadron Eight’s Devastator aviators captivated the U.S. public’s attention, as well as that of famous Hollywood director John Ford. A commander in the Naval Reserve, Ford was...

  • The Spy Ship Left Out in the Cold
    By James M. Scott

    A half-century after one of history’s most controversial attacks on a U.S. Navy ship, the wounds from the Liberty incident remain unhealed.

    The 8th of June this year will mark the 50th anniversary of the...

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  • Armaments & Innovations - The Typhon that Never Was
    By Norman Polmar

    The U.S. Navy’s Aegis is the world’s most advanced air/missile defense system. Currently it is fitted in 22 U.S. cruisers and 64 destroyers, with more Aegis destroyers on the building ways. The system also is installed in several...

  • Sinking the Carriers
    The Battle of Midway’s final score is familiar—four Japanese aircraft carriers sunk versus one U.S. carrier lost. Less well known is how SBD Dauntless dive bombers sank the enemy flattops on 4 June 1942.  


  • Historic Ships - The Forgotten 'Saras'
    By J. M. Caiella

    The Navy has commissioned seven vessels named Saratoga into the service of the United States, but at least four others flew the nascent nation’s colors into battle. Indeed, the first three predated the Continental Navy’s “Sara....

  • In Contact

    Last Regular Ration

    Henry Voris

  • Book Reviews

    The Lost Submarines of Pearl Harbor: The Rediscovery and Archaeology of Japan’s Top-Secret Midget Submarines of World War II

    One of the enduring mysteries of the air raid against the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor in December...

  • On Our Scope

    Seventy-five years ago, with three of four Japanese aircraft carriers smashed, Vice Admiral Chūichi Nagumo and Rear Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi rolled the dice at the Battle of Midway. Despite the threat of more U.S. carrier plane strikes,...

  • Historic Aircrafts - A Lackluster Performance, Part II
    By Norman Polmar, Author, Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet

    The Brewster Aeronautical Corporation’s follow-on to the lackluster SBA/SBN scout bomber was the SB2A Buccaneer. This later aircraft was designed with an internal bay for a 1,000-pound bomb load and was fitted with two forward-firing .30-...

  • Bluejacket's Manual - The Flag Bag
    By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Few things are more symbolic of the nautical world than signal flags. Ashore, a man wearing a belt decorated with an array of signal flags may be a yachtsman (or want others to think he is), and a restaurant with signal flags on its menu is...

  • Museum Report - Midway Museum Looms Large in San Diego
    By Jonathan Hoppe

    The views from the charthouse of the USS Midway (CVB/CVA/CV-41)—if you were lucky enough to be standing near a porthole—were spectacular. Facing toward the city, you could see new skyscrapers could be seen rising under the...

  • Naval History News

    Long-Lost Tarawa Marine Comes Home at Last

    The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) announced in March that the remains of a U.S. Marine, unaccounted for since World War II, have been identified and returned to his family.

  • Lessons from a Lost Fleet
    The Austro-Hungarian Imperial and Royal Navy disappeared with the empire it served, but its history is rich with innovation and lessons still relevant today.


  • Pieces of the Past
    Eric Mills

    This particular piece of the past has a distinct resonance for the U.S. Naval Institute; it ties us to a landmark chapter in the long saga of the Navy’s oldest commissioned ship. But while the venerable USS Constitution holds that honorific...

  • Operation Hardtack's Hard-Luck Target Sub
    By Captain William Carbine Green, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    What is it like to experience a nuclear explosion from inside a submarine? An officer whose boat was used as a target vessel in 1958 tells the tale.


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