Andrew C. A. Jampoler , Naval History ’s 2006 Author of the Year, is a retired naval aviator and the author of seven books, including The Last Lincoln Conspirator: John Surratt’s Flight from the Gallows (2009); Congo: The Miserable Expeditions and Dreadful Death of Lt. Emory Taunt, USN (2013); and, most recently, His Embassy to the Eastern Courts: America’s Secret First Pivot Toward Asia, 1832–37 (2015)—all published by the Naval Institute Press.

Carl LaVO is a frequent contributor to Naval History and the author of four nonfiction books concerning submarine warfare for the Naval Institute Press, including Slade Cutter: Submarine Warrior (2003) and The Galloping Ghost: The Extraordinary Life of Submarine Legend Eugene Fluckey (2011). He is a retired managing editor of the Calkins Media chain in the Philadelphia suburbs and lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

David Sears , a New Jersey–based military historian and former U.S. Navy destroyer officer, is the author of four books, including Pacific Air: How Fearless Flyboys, Peerless Aircraft, and Fast Flattops Conquered the Skies in the War with Japan (2011) and Such Men as These: The Story of Navy Pilots Who Flew the Deadly Skies over Korea (2010), both published by DaCapo.

Barrett Tillman frequently contributes to Naval History and has received seven awards for his writing, including one from the Naval Institute. His current book project is a centennial history of aircraft carriers. Previous books include Whirlwind: The Air War Against Japan, 1942–1945 (2010) and Enterprise: America’s Fightingest Ship and the Men Who Helped Win World War II (2012), both published by Simon & Schuster.

Robert L. Willett is the author of numerous history articles that have appeared in Civil War Times Illustrated; MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History ; WWII ; and Military Heritage . He is also the author of One Day of the Civil War: America in Conflict April 10, 1863 (Brassey’s, 1997) and Russian Sideshow: America’s Undeclared War 1918–1920 (Brassey’s, 2003).



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