Naval History Magazine - August 2016 Volume 30, Number 4

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During World War II, U.S. Navy success in breaking Japanese codes had wide-ranging effects. But in a less-well-known but also impressive cryptologic chapter, a Navy team...


  • On Our Scope

    With a crowd of curious Doughboys looking on, a dozen Bluejackets in peacoats and watch caps gaze at the camera, most smiling broadly. It seems ironic; their disheveled appearance and torn clothing are evidence of hard service in the field. The...

  • Contributors

    James P. Delgado, director of Maritime Heritage for the National Marine Sanctuaries Program at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has led or participated in shipwreck expeditions around the world. His many books...

  • Bluejackets vs. Bolsheviks
    By Robert L. Willett
    In a drastic change from typical shipboard duties, a small contingent of USS Olympia sailors fought in an undeclared war in the remote wilderness of North Russia.

    From battling the Spanish at...

  • Olympian Effort to Save the Olympia
    By Carl LaVO
    The historic cruiser that led the U.S. Navy to victory at Manila Bay and heralded the United States’ arrival as a world power has faced an uncertain fate as a museum ship, but her future appears brighter....
  • How Promise Turned to Disappointment
    By Norman Friedman
    Pushed through Congress by President Woodrow Wilson, the expansive Naval Act of 1916 set the U.S. Navy on course to become the world’s dominant sea service. But in the end, only 5 of the act’s 16 capital ships...
  • Flags Not of Our Fathers?
    By the Staff of Naval History
    An official Marine Corps investigation into one of the most iconic images in American history has stirred doubts about the involvement of alleged Iwo Jima flag raiser John Bradley. Here’s what he told the Navy in 1945...
  • The Short Life and Hard Times of an Armored Cruiser
    By Andrew C. A. Jampoler
    Commissioned in 1906 as the U.S. Navy was emerging as a world-class force, the USS Tennessee served a decade before being renamed the Memphis and suffering an inglorious end.

    In its 14...

  • 'Missing and Presumed Lost'
    By James P. Delgado
    While underwater archaeology has located many sunken U.S. Navy ships, many others remain mysteries, comprising a ‘U.S. vanished fleet.’

    Eternal Father, strong to save,Whose arm hath bound...

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  • Looking Back - Subic Bay Revisited
    By Paul Stillwell

    For a host of veterans of the Vietnam era, a touchstone of memory is the naval base at Subic Bay in the Philippines. At the time, its location made the base a natural for support of the U.S. effort in Southeast Asia. It offered a logistics...

  • In Contact

    A Reliable Witness?

    Joe Jordan

    In the June issue, a painting that runs with Norman C. Delaney’s article, “The Firing Here Became Continual,” shows the CSS...

  • Armaments & Innovations - Aiding the Ascendancy of the Roman Navy
    By Commander Tyrone G. Martin, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    In its first centuries, the Roman Republic was largely preoccupied with gaining dominance of the Italian Peninsula, and thus concerned itself with the development of its legendary legions. Rome had little experience with seaborne combat. But in...

  • Naval History News

    Happy 25th, DDG-51

    This 4th of July will enjoy extra significance for the U.S. Navy, as it marks the 25th anniversary of a ship class that has become a bulwark of the fleet—the Arleigh Burke–class guided-missile...

  • Historic Ships - First and Forgotten
    By J. M. Caiella

    Saratoga is a seminal American ship name that virtually spans the nation’s existence. Six ships have carried the name in the commissioned service of their country, although one—the first—was not a U.S. Navy warship. She...

  • The Navy's 'Imitation Game'
    By David Sears
    During World War II, U.S. Navy success in breaking Japanese codes had wide-ranging effects. But in a less-well-known but also impressive cryptologic chapter, a Navy team cracked open the German navy’s formidable four-...
  • The Royal Navy's Incomparable Aviator
    By Barrett Tillman
    Starting off as a fighter pilot in World War II, Captain Eric Brown went on to test a multitude of different types of aircraft and set a carrier-landing record that will never be broken.

    Just as some Major...

  • 'Today We Sail into History'
    By Jonathan L. Hoppe

    The morning of Saturday, 30 April 2016 had not yet dawned on Annapolis when signs of activity could be seen at the seawall at the U.S. Naval Academy. Guests and instructors chatted by their cars as midshipmen trickled over from their rooms in...

  • Historic Aircraft - Four Engines and No Tailhook
    By Norman Polmar, Author, Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet

    Several four-engine aircraft have flown from carriers. Two such quadruple-engined planes intended from the outset for carrier operation were developed by the Royal Navy during World War II: the Airspeed AS 39 and General Aircraft Limited...

  • Book Reviews

    The Battle of the Atlantic: How the Allies Won the War

    Jonathan Dimbleby. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016. Photos. Maps. Illus. Notes. Index. Select Biblio. 560 pp. $34.95.

    Reviewed by James M. Scott...

  • Museum Report - Britain's Historic Submarines are Showcased
    By Matthew Adams

    Within Gosport’s marina in England lies HMS Alliance—Britain’s only surviving World World II–era submarine. The Alliance is the showpiece of the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, which spotlights several...

  • Pieces of the Past

    Sometimes, even in defeat there is a modicum of victory, with the sting of loss ameliorated by a main mission nonetheless achieved. And sometimes, it’s not just to the victor that go the spoils—if spoils might happen to include a...


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14 July - Book Discussion

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