Naval History Magazine - June 2015 Volume 29, Number 3

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Lieutenant Woodie McVay’s Hellcat went down on Saipan in 1944, but 65 years would pass before his story had an ending.

On 13 July 2009, Lieutenant...



  • On Our Scope

    On 22 March, thousands of curious observers crowded the shoreline near Portsmouth, England, to see a display of U.S. naval might. The USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) was making a port call.

  • Contributors

    Roger Dingman is professor emeritus at the University of Southern California and a U.S. Navy veteran. His research and publications have focused on the origins, conduct, and consequences of World War II in the Pacific. They...

  • From Hampton Roads to Spithead
    By Howard J. Fuller
    The U.S. Navy’s fleet of monitors was built to root out Confederate warships guarding the Southern coastline—so the story goes.
  • Seabee Service with the Marines
    By Commander James C. Rentfrow, U.S. Navy<p>
    Turned down by the Marine Corps, Jack Edwards ended up a member of the 121st Naval Construction Battalion fighting alongside Leatherneck infantrymen during the desperate battle for Saipan.


  • The Royal Navy's 'Old Ark'
    By Michael D. Hull
    Spending much of her fighting career in the Mediterranean, the British aircraft carrier Ark Royal ventured into the Atlantic to play a crucial role in the demise of Germany’s most famous battleship....
  • Sailor, Prisoner, Captain, Spy
    By Ensign Samuel Oat-Judge, U.S. Navy
    Nathaniel Fanning’s heroics alongside John Paul Jones were just one part of the young officer’s distinctly eventful and peril-filled Revolutionary War service.

    All too often in venerating the...

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  • Looking Back - The Fatal Chain
    By Paul Stillwell

    In any maritime disaster—such as collision, grounding, or sinking—a chain of events leads to the mishap. Take out almost any link, the chain breaks, and calamity is avoided. But when the chain is complete, the results can be...

  • In Contact

    A Lucky Day

    Lieutenant Commander Richard J. Nowatzki, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    I was a witness to some of the events that James M. Scott’s April article, “...

  • Armaments & Innovations - With a Cough, Not a Roar
    By Commander Tyrone G. Martin, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    In the decades immediately following the Civil War, naval weaponry underwent a massive change as muzzle-loading smoothbores firing solid shot were replaced by breech-loading rifled weapons firing projectiles that could be fused to burst in the...

  • Naval History News

    A New Chapter for the Musashi

    The thrilling discovery of the Japanese superbattleship Musashi in March marks an important and intriguing advance in underwater exploration. The Musashi, sister ship of the famous...

  • Home at Last
    By Bruce M. Petty
    Lieutenant Woodie McVay’s Hellcat went down on Saipan in 1944, but 65 years would pass before his story had an ending.

    On 13 July 2009, Lieutenant Woodie Lackland McVay Jr., U.S. Naval Reserve, was...

  • A Mission, A Monument
    By Roger Dingman
    Deeply affected by his formative experiences with Matthew Perry, Rear Admiral Lester Beardslee would make it his final assignment to commemorate the famous commodore in Japan.

    Sometimes a naval career...

  • Gilded Men and the Suicide Fleet
    By Stephen D. Regan
    Recognizing that building all of the subchasers needed to counter the World War I U-boat threat would take too long, FDR appealed to the patriotism of his fellow yachtsmen.


  • Historic Fleets - ‘The Majesty of a Floating Fortress’
    By Robert J. Cressman

    ‘All sail set to the best advantage,” wrote Midshipman Harry Ingersoll in his journal for 10 September 1825 as the 54-gun frigate Brandywine stood out into the rough waters of the Atlantic bound for France with 68-year-old...

  • Book Reviews

    Give Me a Fast Ship: The Continental Navy and America’s Revolution at Sea

    Tim McGrath. New York: NAL Caliber, 2014. 544 pp. Battle maps. Illus. Index. Notes. $26.95.

    Reviewed by Lieutenant Andrew Cox, U.S....

  • Museum Report - The Remaining Forts of Pensacola
    By Hill Goodspeed

    In April 1861, Northern newspapers blared headlines of federal garrisons holding out behind the ramparts of brick fortresses, defenders of the Union in recently seceded states that formed the...

  • Pieces of the Past

    On 1 July 1945, after 28 years of naval service, longtime U.S. Naval Academy Chaplain William N.


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